blenheim palace triathlon 2021


Limelight Sports Club has confirmed that this event will be going ahead as planned on Friday 10th Sep 2021 in accordance with the COVID-19 safety measures. Then all team members can meet at the ‘team meeting point’ to cross the finish line together. And you definitely won’t be alone – 1 in 3 of our 2019 participants were first timers! Limelight Sports CCO, James Robinson, commented, “It is fantastic to have a leading brand such as Huub involved in our two major triathlon events. The idyllic lake swim and closed road course makes this a great race for new comers to the sport looking to take on a challenge. The Blenheim Palace Triathlon, widely regarded as UK’s most stunning triathlon, combines a world class event experience, with beautiful scenery and a family day out. Creators of high-quality homes, with a portfolio of residential, commercial and agricultural properties, as well as dedicated practices of forestry, farming and parkland management. The Bloodwise Blenheim Palace Triathlon takes place on 30-31 May in the idyllic surroundings of Blenheim Palace and the London Triathlon takes place on 8-9 August at the ExCel Centre, and includes a cycle route on closed roads through central London. Blenheim Palace Triathlon will take place on Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th September 2021! The cyclist must wait at their bike, which must be racked until they have been tagged by the swimmer and secured the chip to their ankle. Warriors must complete as many triathlons as possible, during racing hours, across both days of the event weekend. Limelight Sports is a leading sports marketing agency specialising in participation. The Blenheim Palace Triathlon, widely regarded as UK’s most stunning triathlon, combines a World class event experience with beautiful scenery and a family day out. Huub signs up for Blenheim and London Triathlons. Do you want to join us on the start line of the 2021 # BlenheimTri ? They must wait in their racking location until the bike is racked before securing the chip to their ankle. Team Huub has over four decades worth of experience in the endurance sport market and its scientific and technological expertise is second to none”. SWIM COURSEThe swimmer must wear the timing chip on their ankle and should do so under their wetsuit. Following our announcement regarding the date for the Bloodwise Blenheim Palace Triathlon next year needing to be moved forward by three weeks due to works being carried out to the lake at Blenheim Palace we have received significant feedback from our participants.We have listened to your feedback, and as a result we have been in discussions with the Palace to see if it was possible to move the date later into May. Art Foundation | Privacy & Cookie Policy | Terms & Conditions | Accessibility | Site Map | Careers | Filming Location | Contact, The Blenheim Palace Heritage Foundation Charity | Registered charity number 1166164 Read more. The Weekend Warrior challenge is the ultimate test of endurance. The growing numbers of participants is in turn attracting more leading brands and Limelight Sport has expanded its range of expertise and services to meet this increased demand. The deal was negotiated by Limelight Sports, the agency of the active world, who took over the management of both events from IMG in 2019.

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