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So it sounds like black German Shepherd dogs have this gene, right? But what about inside? Amazing personality, smart, loyal and she is super sweet to the people she loves. Black Gsd come from 2 specific genetic backgrounds We breed Black & Tan, Black & Red, Silver, Sable, Solid Blacks & Whites, Blue, Panda, & Liver. It’s true that German Shepherds can have short or long coats, and even fur that’s a little wavy. 1 ) old east german ddr lines or Czech border patrol Both very similar & common backgrounds 2) west german WORKING lines & Belgian working line gsd We believe she jumped the 6′ fence – we have seen her jump and get her front paws almost to the top. This ‘extra’ hair doesn’t require much more effort on the grooming front, though. People are so surprised to see a black GSD! We also recommend taking your time to meet several breeders, visit their homes, and get to know their dogs. First time dog owner.. O also have been breeding World level GSD for 50 years Let’s look into it now and answer those questions. He is a very good dog, calm temperament and always observing what we do and very smart too. Those pigments are eumelanin (black), and phaeomelanin (red). German Shepherds have been one of our favorite breeds for generations. Do you have puppies available ? He is constantly lunging at my chickens and I am so tired of yelling at him I just leave him on the chain. These dogs are, unsurprisingly, in demand. His paws have grey hair between the toes. He barks at nothing, doesn’t bark when someone pulls in the driveway and Is constantly running around tearing up the yard. My recognition of his unique characteristics sparked my mission to begin researching if that difference of personality traits between traditional GSDs and solid black GSDs that is so often spoken of, but not backed by facts, might actually have more truth to it than has been spoken of in a mainstream manner. Over been breeding black gsd for 50 years Solid black German Shepherds can easily be confused with actually often confused with bicolor or black and tan dogs from a distance, which contributes to the belief that black is most common. And that is accounting for intentional breeding of black Shepherds. Their default colour is sable. Blackshaw, J.K., 1991, “An Overview of Types of Aggressive Behavior in Dogs and Methods of Treatment,” Applied Animal Behavior Science, Vol. Far fewer solid black GSDs exist and are bred than GSDs of other coat patterns; therefore, the lineage separating the long lines of, let’s say, black and tan saddled shepherds from their original, native ancestor of the wolf spans notably longer and farther, and branch of much wider than that of the solid black Shepherd; thus creating a significantly wider gap in domestication between today’s dog and the starting point of the wolf. She knew what made me angry, scared-even when I was acting bravely or calmly. Our GSD was hand picked from a select breeder and the only one of his kind in the bunch. Essentially, the solid black German Shepherd Dog is much more likely to strongly possess genes that are commonly only seen in the wolf; perhaps, such as what came across to me as my solid black pup’s lack of domestication. Rin Tin Tin and other Hollywood German shepherds have made this common color scheme famous. Let’s find out if the difference in color is any more than fur-deep! To protect their litters, good breeders health test the parents, including through joint exams. Primer on German shepherd markings Doggerel Tweet. It’s not the black color that makes them act differently than the more common showlines backgrounds its because of their genetic backgrounds that make them act differently. That said, many dog lovers have questions when it comes to if and how a dog’s coat color might affect their pet. I live by a State Highway and will not step on the highway. Interestingly enough, the solid black GSD looks so similar to the black timber wolf that it is almost indeciferable. Straight Back Old Fashioned German Shepherds. nearly equal in terms of overall health, intelligence, loyalty, temper, obedience, agility, etc. 30, Issues 3-4, Carver, E.A., 1984 “Coat color genetics of the German Shepherd dog,” Journal of Heredity. She gave me 16 years of devotion. His mom name is Spooky von haus she is a plush black coat his dad is Blitz Vom Kieferwald ll he is a black and tan with a little sable on his back. Please don’t leave him on the chain. When you see a solid black German Shepherd, your jaw may well drop to the floor. That alone will allow you to determine that the pups with these markings will possess adult coats of traditional, saddled pigmentation. Cadieu, E. et al, 2009, “Coat Variation in the Domestic Dog Is Governed by Variants in Three Genes”, Science. By this I do not mean he struggles with aggression or dominance issues, which, I know, seems confusing, but it comes across just as a very strong unruliness that he displays on his own timeline. She was a replacement for a rescued black GSD that died in 2012. Since German Shepherds are such relied upon working dogs, you might also find an older black GSD looking for a loving home to live out his honorable retirement. Primer on German shepherd markings Doggerel I am trying to educate myself. Dam is a 60lb black and red bicolor, registered service dog with a phenomenal temperament, shes. Find German Shepherd Dog Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful German Shepherd Dog information. & should breed those parents. Although white shepherds are disqualified from AKC shows, there is nothing wrong with their health and they are popular as family pets. Instead, black German Shepherds get their color by inheriting two copies of a different, recessive gene for eumelanin. The GSDs we know and love today are the result of breeding from a number of other breeds, most notably the classic herding dog, the Berger Picard. Of all the larger breeds that a dog lover can choose from, there really is something quite special about the German Shepherd dog (often abbreviated to simply ‘GSD’). We have a lab puppy as well, and interestingly enough, the lab sheds more than our german shepherd does. (Which is a bit concerning should I be worry? Dogs that are from these same backgrounds that are stable or black & Tan act the same as the black gsd from these backgrounds. The eumelanin gene is double recessive and quite rare. Ready to collect this weekend. The dog is stubborn and defiant. From the most common coat type and texture seen in solid blacks to the minor ways and differentiations that can be found in their teeth, it seems that, overall, it is safe to say that the DNA of the black GSD is more closely related to that of the wolf than the DNA found in any other GSD, regardless of lineage and coat pigmentation. Hi there As pups, German Shepherds are interesting, in terms of color determination, and can be quite confusing if you aren’t too familiar with the breed or simply just don’t have experience with handling GSD pups. She is 1 year 5 months, so protective she sometimes gets a bit anxious if ppl approach her/us. FAULT It could be possible that black German Shepherd breeders, having fallen in love with their canines’ unique looks, were especially attentive to finding breeding stock with long, thick, coat, and propagated the genes for this look! Or is there a possibility that black shepherds ARE special. Despite all the people who say different At these gatherings I let him roam freely yet he will always check to see where I am. She is 1 year 5 months and she is been a bit upset when ppl approach her /us 2 times already recently. Our GSD puts away her own toys and gets super excited when she thinks she is “helping” me out. Most people are only familiar with the Black/Tan with the Traditional Saddle. I had 3 different German Shepherd and this is my first Black GSD. Solid black is a normal color variation of the German shepherd and has no effect on other characteristics of the breed. He will receive regular dewormings…. So sweet she was!!! Furthermore, most black dogs are black because they possess a gene for producing eumelanin which overrides any other instruction – known as a dominant gene. I was reading all the information presented here on GSDs, and particularly black GSDs; as I am quite interested in the ongoing debate between whether or not black vs. non-black shepherds possess different personality traits. German Shepherd pops 9 weeks old black and tan healthy ready for a new home, asking $500 female You can tell if a german shepherd puppy is all black at 1 day old She has been fairly good with our 9 yo pure Min Pin boy but not so much with the dogs in our neighborhood and with our friends’ dogs and puppies. Very sweet, loving and great with kids. She was listed as a GSD mix but from what I can tell she’s full GSD. Recessive genes need to be inherited from both mom and dad in order to be expressed. They look incredible. And with long, black hair? It will not present itself in the coat coloring of any pups without one or both parents possessing the gene. I am very proud and happy with my GSD and yes from that I do spoil him. This gap, therefore, yields the findings that make it both practical and possible, and actually even likely, that a solid black German Shepherd would be statistically & genetically more likely to possess and exhibit physical and/or personality traits seen in the wolf, whereas dogs genetically derived from lineage accumulated from the breeding of any other GSD coat pigmentation patterns would surely yield an outcome where these same, above-mentioned traits would not present themselves with anything near, or even comparable to, the strength, conviction, and accuracy that we would see within the solid black spectrum. Single colors are rarer than a mix of two. These dogs are, unsurprisingly, in demand. We recently adopted an all black female GSD, 1 1/2, from a county shelter. With that said, I immersed myself in my studies or these dogs and their genes, spoke to a wide array of my fellow professionals in the field, read various studies that have been completed on the subject, and even launched a few of my own studies based on the DNA of these animals. We had never seen an all black GSD, so we were doubtful she was a pure GS.

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