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One way to counteract burnout is to alleviate stress in ways that help your employees balance their work and home lives. There are many different ways to compensate employees for a job well done. Workers can view progress anytime through their My Goals widget, along with task lists and due dates. You can offer these types of bonuses for employee referrals, client referrals, reaching a sales goal or increasing production rates. Arcoro's Performance Management has helped us identify high-level trends. BirdDogHR’s Talent Management System provides companies with the tools to get the job done. Administrators can configure employee review forms with rating scales, weighted sections and custom content. Your new employees want to feel physically safe while on the job. Effective Employee Retention Strategies. Some employees leave based on factors out of your control, like a move or a change in their personal lives, but others leave due to decreased job satisfaction. Mentor your employees. One study showed employees with few or no friends at their place of employment were felt lonely and disengaged. While you don’t want to ignore your employees completely, you shouldn’t hover over them either. Employee referral programs are a recruitment strategy that works; your employees refer a friend or acquaintance and they receive compensation. It is a great solution for me—it saves me time and keeps me organized when we are recruiting for employees. Learn not only how to recruit but to keep employees engaged, motivated and improving. What is your organization doing to retain employees? Organized and simplified. All rights reserved. Help kindle friendships but encouraging employees to show their personalities through their workplace décor or by allowing casual interest groups to form. Call Tech Support: 877-444-1488 "option 2" Monday-Friday 6 AM - 6 PM MST Retention bonuses. Managers are able to set, track and approve a variety of employee goals—from quantitative goals like quotas to qualitative ones like assertiveness—and see who’s exceeding expectations. Learn not only how to recruit but to keep employees engaged, motivated and improving. Retention rates can improve when employees feel like they have a future with your company. The Bridge to Better HR. Don’t micromanage. Conduct stay interviews. The level of communication you set during recruiting lets potential hires know what to expect as an employee. Use employee referrals. All forms are mobile-friendly and automatically saved in our cloud-based software. GET GOOD AT IT. For those skilled employees who don’t work behind a desk or must be on a job site, consider these work-life integrations: Your managers set the tone for their entire department, good or bad, and while managers can’t control everything that goes on in their department, like toxic employees, they can implement strategies that increase engagement and productivity, giving way to better employee retention. The amount each employee receives is typically based on a percentage of his or her salary, so managers reap most of the benefits. You’ll give potential hires a better understanding of what it’s like to work for your company. Not only are employee referral programs less expensive than outsourcing recruitment to an agency, but you’ll get candidates who likely already have an understanding of your company culture and the role itself. Your company’s onboarding process should help you maintain compliance, by requiring all necessary employment forms, but also ensure your new employee’s emotional wellbeing.

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