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The final map in Black Ops 2, Origins is without question the hardest map to be released so far. There's so much to take into consideration when deciding what the best map in Call of Duty zombies is. Buen custom map y complicado con un aspecto bastante creepy basado en una escuela real. From Nazi zombies to super fast exo-zombies, here are the best maps from Call of Duty's beloved Zombies mode. Don't forget to smash that Rate Up button :D. Classic Wolfenstein Enemy Territory (2003) map zombified for Black Ops III. Mob of the Dead is probably the scariest map on this list. Gulag zombies returns in its final form. Back in the day, this was the go-to map for Zombies fans, and one of the reasons for this was that it brought in one of the coolest weapons ever to grace the mode – The Wunderwaffe DG-2. Category. Challenge Maps; Easter Egg Maps; Buyable Ending Maps; UGX Modded Maps ... Asylum Zombies Map Pack. RELATED: 10 RPGs From The 90s That Still Need A Remake. Der Eisendrache is an absolute pleasure to play – it’s not too complicated compared to some of Black Ops III’s other maps, but still has a layer of depth to it that let the best players really thrive. This map takes advantage of some unique mechanics in order to make it an incredibly fun experience. You’ll have to fight through the trenches against zombies, taking into account the giant robots that walk across the map and could step on you at any time. Uhmm Dome zombies (the mp map from mw3), nazi-zombie-christmas, rust zombies (the mp map from mw2), leviathan (heard a lot of good things about it but can't play it myself my pc sucks), cheese cube unlimited (I'll warn you beforehand this map … Previous bug fixes, there are no more glitches that I am aware of so please let me know if you find any. This didn't have the story or detail that later maps would develop, and the map was very small, but it became so popular that Zombies became a consistent feature, with this map providing a real thrill.

This was the starting point for Zombies, with this being a surprise mini-game that people weren't aware of until they unlocked it, which took place after players completed the World at War's main solo campaign. While it still has the dark theme that would be expected from the game, it also has some amazingly vibrant neon lights that give the map a pop of color. If you play enough, you might be able to go through the complicated steps required to unlock a Wrath of the Ancients bow that will greatly improve your zombie-slaying ability. Skip to content. Being set on an abandoned USSR rocket testing facility, players will fend off waves of zombies around this facility, and find loads of cool little add-ons along the way. If you haven’t player Der Riese, then you’re seriously missing out. The Best CoD Zombies Maps of All Time. Spanning three different games (sorry Nintendo DS we're not including you for this one) the Zombies franchise has a cult following and for good reason. With an all new Zombie mode in Black Ops III, it's time to look back and decide what the best Call of Duty Zombies map of all time is. Every time you teleport to and from the Pack-A-Punch room, there’s a chance you’ll get teleported to one of three creepy locations – A dentist’s office, a conference room, and a little girl’s room (who many will know as Samantha by now). Inspired by the 1940s New Orleans Jazz scene, the fictional Morg City was a perfect environment and switched things up for Zombies, going from the traditional bleak colors to something a little more vibrant, which was met with positive and negative feedback. Humaine? We highly suggest installing/loading it first before playing, thank you! Matrix: The map featured some incredible designs and introduced upgradable weapons, giving you a real incentive to push on, especially with the map having a detailed and cryptic storyline that made it even more engaging. For a long time, Ascension was the absolute best CoD Zombies map (and it’s still considered that by many today). It's not necessary, but if you enjoy my work, please feel free to donate if you want: **Note: Map is meant to be played with UGX Mod BO3. The final Black Ops DLC saw players traveling somewhere nobody could’ve guessed: The Moon.

This is a very fun and vibrant map, in comparison to most Zombies maps. After a catastrophic accident, an expansive underground facility is plagued by hordes of the undead. In his quest to find the ultimate power he ignores the dark power that resides there... A Govenment plane carrying a new BioWeapon has crashed in the city. If you want a REALLY challenging map, the hardest one I have tried would have to be trench V2. It includes all the goodies including bosses and custom sounds with a small musical ea... interesting facts: large factory building is based on an old. The elemental staves added something fresh to the combat, with giant robots walking around the landscape, giving something else to the gamer to think about, with a look to the sky being needed to avoid being crushed.

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