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Have a blessed day Shauna! My name is Jenny, and I'm a corporate drop-out, mother of three, rookie photographer and marathon runner, married 22 years to a man with a big heart and an old soul. Accessible Beige walls as of right now, but would LOVE to paint them. Countertop color.. Super White Quartzite or Salone Granite-Please Help. So many great ideas! Have you seen the Silestone in person? We had to paint the entire kitchen Decorator’s White, which looks perfect now…We do have Western exposure which turns the paint much warmer. Some kitchens can go with a crisp, clean white, whereas others demand something that is a little softer, a little warmer. I will have to share another post on some of my other favorite white paint colors – but White Dove is a beautiful warm white that works with browns/beiges and you don’t want your cabinets looking too stark. The kitchen is not large and is open to the family room so we didn't want anything distracting. We have a huge island and I want don't want to look at the busy pattern anymore. source. Are you in the Dayton/Cincinnati area and need a quote? Hi Shauna What about this quartzite.... Quarto Bianco. That is really pretty. We've tried all the marble looking quartz out there, and they are too white or too dingy in our kitchen, and they look plasticky to me. I just had white dove installed in my kitchen and had the same concerns as you. poorgirl Does the Raffine blend or have some contrast? that bianco avion is a good choice for you. Is it that bad and can you do something for them? Yes, we both like the texture of matte/honed. Hi great information I’m doing my cabinets white and don’t want a cold look looking for warmth also need help with the walls want them grey. It reads like an ever-so-slightly grayed white. I already know my type and am pretty sure I'd be OCD about keeping this pristine. The house has a lot of natural light. 2. It is helping me to understand quartzite better. The room with the marble subway tile on the fireplace: what is the grey wall color? I'd definitely not go with a copper sink. There is just a depth and beauty it has that cannot be matched by any quartz I’ve ever seen. Would like to see how your project turned out. I don't think we want a shiny finish after living w/the glossy quartz we have now. We just bought a 1200 square foot lake house. Go for it. I love the pictures of your home! Absolutely beautiful!!! Is it going to be on the island too? source. “It’s not too sterile and has virtually no yellow—just enough to take the edge off. I'm conflicted between getting something like this or the Danby marble. Open concept. there are so many more choices than when I did this kitchen 15 years ago! The gray hue of white dove is exacerbated and the fact the woodwork is not white dove makes it all the more obvious. Are you wanting contrast or are you looking for a colour that will blend in while adding some warmth? I looked at almost every kind of quartz they just didn’t cut it. Best Wall Paint Color With White Kitchen Cabinets. I believe this is Calacatta nuvo classique quartz (I think,,the article wasn't very clear) with the warmer tones, it would work well w/your woods. Thank you for responding – appreciate it. We’ve done several where it had zero yellow characteristics, so not sure what that was about. Contact me! That has always been my habit (and everyone else in the family as well - we just always use a cutting board for the messy stuff and keep things pretty clean). If your furniture is more on the tan/brown/wood side, you might like the calacatta better. Thanks in advance as I’m very confused. We have many cloudy days. It also depends on the colours that will be reflected i.e. One more thing..are you bulbs warmer or cool white light? :). You sound like me, wanting a clean look. I agree White Dove is lovely. Just gorgeous!! Thanks! Blends well with the marble subway tile surround on our fireplace, doesn’t it? Hi Jane, It’s a polished marble subway tile we picked up at Home Depot. “White Dove has been an extremely popular white, as it is especially neutral and it complements a wide range of colors,” says Magno. Our website,, offers constant original coverage of the interior design and architecture worlds, new shops and products, travel destinations, art and cultural events, celebrity style, and high-end real estate as well as access to print features and images from the AD archives. :). poorgirl, thank you for your response! There is BM "ceiling paint" too. Do you think this will pull together & look nice? Help!! The Raffine is timeless with the White Dove. Here’s the grey slate we used. For architect Anne Decker and designer Nestor Santa-Cruz, White Dove was the ideal neutral for a project in Washington, D.C. “The owners had such great art, so we wanted to create a beautiful, crisp backdrop for their collection,” Decker told AD. Unfortunately it is SOFT... even in leather this is not a good option But I wanted you to see it in case you come across it. and not all of them have the large veining like that. Have you had any issues with it etching, etc.? I'm considering BM Winds Breath for interior walls and White Dove cabinets and trims. We like the honed as well. Not in love with the idea of granite, since we've had it before and I'm wanting something less busy, but I DO know we seem to prefer real stone over anything else. As you can see, White Dove reflects the least amount of light and Chantilly Lace reflects the most. Because when you’re looking at all of the different shades of white next to one another, the differences seem glaring. I fell in love with White Dove in a bright condo. Paint Projects. Do you cook a lot? I will be doing a white back splash, haven’t had time to find it yet. We have used decorators white paint on kitchen cabinets in the past, but don’t want it to look so stark white. How would you make this corner of the loft more private. For backsplash we thinking soft gray subway tiles or something along those lines. 8. I love my marble floor. It looks like a big thick piece of marble to me! But some of the most popular recent kitchens on Houzz tell a different story, Find out the most popular countertop, flooring, cabinet, backsplash and paint picks among homeowners who are renovating, If you favor a little color in your kitchen, look to these spaces that run the gamut from light to dark, Tired of white? I've been told Torquay would work, but the matte version and I'm afraid of getting matte since it's so new, I don't know how the reviews will be, plus I'm wondering if it looks more fake. I just know me....I know I would not be satisfied with a different material. Two years later and no regrets. I’m so sorry I didn’t see this post . Maureen What's your backsplash? One of Benjamin Moore’s most popular shades, White Dove, is one such go-to paint. excellent advice & guidance for counters. That is so sweet of you. I can't solve living room dilemma. Walnut hard word floors. Taj mahal is lovely. Let’s look at some painted kitchen cabinets in White Dove (a Benjamin Moore color). Hi! Was considering Taj Mahal, but didn’t really care for that. Great points! I was trying to decide between white dove and cherry but my kitchen does not have much natural light thus the main reason for white dove. Because we installed IKEA Bodbyn cabinet doors and drawer fronts in the kitchen, which are quite off-white (a little too yellow for me in certain lighting), I was looking for a trim paint colour that helped off-set the warm undertone. I also wanted to paint some of my walls a different white, do you have any recommendations for a white on white look? Thank you for all of your input regarding white paints… one of the hardest colors to choose! Shauna, my bedroom has white dove trim and blue/grey walls. You AND maire_cate have been so helpful and you both have gorgeous kitchens! It sure has made our project interesting. I needed to spend special care with it. Looks great! Hello Shauna, Thanks! Now we use at 3000 LED bulbs, but never over 3500. Keep in mind, these are slight variances. Do you have a go-to gray grout? I would like to change the island at some point.Thank you so much for all your help and input. Looks great. in the kitchen forum search for the geology threads. We are remodeling the entire house…I have ebony floors and our old trim was Pratt as lambert silver lining which I loved but looking for a change. I am debating color matching with kelly moore vs. going directly to ben moore. Again, with the colors going on in here, a stark white is not the direction we wanted to go in terms of the cabinet color.

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