best wahoo reels


Even if you’re trolling, you’ll want to cast your line out into the right direction. Sticking with the Fiblink brand means that you get a rod rated for 50-80lbs that should handle most of the wahoo you’ll see out there. All of these can be trolled at 5-20 mph. It also allows the lure to track straight at extremely high speeds for a lure beneath the surface. This lure comes unrigged. Fiblink 1-Piece Saltwater Offshore Trolling Rod Conventional Boat Rod Carbon Fishing Pole(6-Feet, 30-50lb/50-80lb/80-120lb). This is a 12-inch MagBay Plomerito that weighs 8-ounces. The running depth is 15-30 feet at speeds up to 13 knots. Black and blues seem to work well as do black and red. Color options include black chrome, blue anodized, blue iridescent, green anodized, pink chrome, purple anodized, purple chrome, purple iridescent, red anodized, and teal anodized. But curiosity sometimes gets the better of us. Color options include blue-white, green-black, pink-blue, pink-white, purple-black, and red-black.

The ballyhoo can be secured with a bait spring, rubberband, or rigging wire. A skirted squid bait with a heavy lead head it the easiest way to get started fishing for wahoo. It is common to catch wahoo when trolling at speeds of 18 mph. This is the best looking and heaviest sea witch style lure on the market. It also creates nice bubble trails. Single strand wire or multi-strand cable can be used for leader material. This was several minutes after the catch and you see the wahoo lost its stripes. If the reel is spooled with 60-100 monofilament a shock leader is not even needed.

This is a good way to target wahoo while also fishing for tuna and mahi-mahi. Other color options include black-red, blue-white, and pink-white. The results are shown above and the details of the lures are provided below ranked in order of popularity based on the poll. The treble hooks are 3 extra strong and connected with through wire connection in the body of the lure. The Yo-Zuri high-speed vibe is 5-1/4 inches long and weighs 2-7/8 ounces. The 165 version is 6.5 inches, comes with 7/0 single hooks and weighs 3.75 ounces. We are actually running about 30 miles offshore. I created and have hosted Florida Sport Fishing TV since 2010. MagTrak is 10 inches long and weighs about 12.5 ounces. This leader pack includes four 20-foot 400-pound mono-shock leaders. The dark colors like black, red or purple work particularly well on wahoo.

These can be found on eBay for about $70 each unrigged. (Faster than the 2 speed) It is not a good idea to just look at gear ratio but the big part of speed and torque is how tall the spool is and a longer handle is also nice. But the truth is, wahoo get big. This lure is intended to be used for high speed trolling and works well with a 16-24 ounce inline trolling weight. El oh El. As always, SAFETY FIRST and Happy Fishing! Set up on a GP80 Predator. There are some features that this rod lacks. A 50 class reel is a great size! This is a great value for a complete wahoo setup. Wahoo can be caught with trolling skirts, deep diving plugs, vertical jigs, and high speed trolling lures. This 34-ounce Sincero Sr is 16 inches in length. When using inline planers or trolling weights with shock lines the leaders will need to be pulled in by hand. This was rated the number one style wahoo lure which is likely because this is a versatile lure. So be sure to listen to what they are saying, even in the midst of the excitement. Reviewers are surprised by the quality, but they also mention you might want to lubricate the rollers on arrival. This Wahoo Wonder is 15 inches in total length and weighs 12 ounces. Finally, the Madmacs 240 is 10 inches in length, weighs 13.5 ounces, and dives 4-15 feet deep. More How To. The Wahoo Eliminator is 13 inches long with a 24-ounce head, 400-pound cable, and two offset 10/0 hooks. There is good wahoo fishing from the canyons of New Jersey all the way to the Florida Keys, Bahamans, and the Caribbean. If there is a downrigger on the boat these same methods can be used just make sure you have strong adjustable downrigger release clips.

Billy Baits Mister Big lures are 16 inches long and have a 16-ounce head. Global Fishing Reports does not guarantee purchases made and these links should be viewed as recommendations only. This lure is rigged with two single hooks on stainless steel ball-bearing swivels. Color options are red, purple or black skirts with chrome heads.

It is nice to have two people for this process, one person to leader and the other can gaff the fish. Color options are black-purple, pink, white-pink, and blue. The lure can be run short or long. A 250-pound Hi-Catch smoke blue leader is also included with a 24-ounce inline trolling lead weight. This is a good lure to send far out when trolling for tuna and mahi-mahi but think wahoo might be in the area as well. This lure can come unrigged, rigged with 10 feet of 300-pound mono, or cable rigged with 490-pound cable with double 9/0 stainless steel hooks. This lure can dive up to 50 feet deep. This rig should be trolled on a planner or downrigger at 7-10 knots. The lure has a hex-dart shaped nose and is designed for high speed trolling between 6 and 18 knots. This may sound like common sense. I have 2 of these just for throwing jigs. So what’s a reason this rod wouldn’t be one of the best trolling rods for wahoo? This lure was used to catch the largest weighed in wahoo ever caught in the Bahamas. This MagBay Sincero wahoo lure is 11 inches in length and weighs 16 ounces. A 4-ounce jig is good for water depths above 100 feet, a 6-ounce jig is good for 100-200 feet, and an 8-ounce jig is good for water deeper than 200 feet. With options like these, you should feel on track for choosing the best trolling rods for wahoo that’s going to work for you. If you have any suggestions for top wahoo lures and baits, leave a comment below!

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