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If you prefer to work behind the scenes instead of commanding the front lines, a job in Operations Intelligence could be right for you. 1. Those in cyberspace Operations might consider Network and Computer Systems Administrators. You’ll look after the communications that go on during a flight, management of the in-flight personnel, testing aircraft procedures, and overseeing high-pressure airborne battle operations. To conclude, there are many Air Force jobs that can be fulfilling for enlisted airmen depending on your desires and personality. I think it’s the best kept secret in the Air Force. Furthermore, it is essential to consider how your training and education from the Air Force translates into the civilian world later in life. This specialty translates well to civilian life. By Cheryl Pellerin, DOD News, Defense Media Activity / Published April 03, 2016. So what is the best job in the Air Force? What do you all think is the best job in the Air Force? Because Special Operations covers so many specialties, this field is an in-demand job. Using radars and other communication systems, Airborne Operations Technicians are in charge of coordinating the flight, recognizing which targets are allies or enemies, and liaising with mission control on the ground. Downsides are you will freeze to death, sweat to death, and get dirty. It's just us. The higher your score on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test and the more education and experience you have, the more opportunities you will have within the Air Force. In addition to having a bachelor’s degree and attending Officer training, those in this role must meet strict marine diving, parachutist, and ATC duty physical requirements, maintain water confidence standards and maintain combat controller certification. I originally wanted to when I first came in, but I was not committed to signing a 10-year contract at the time lol. Related:16 Top Communications Degree Jobs. Finally, we have the most sought-after job in all of the Air Force: Becoming a Pilot. 4 days ago. Being part of the Security Forces means you’ll be managing, well… security. Do you really want to leave that? United States Air Force Reddit r/ AirForce. Pilots also work with commanders to implement and create flight-related plans and policies. Then I was told it was a bad move doing an Officer's job for half the pay lol. Officers will be required to meet Personnel Reliability Program requirements and must have a normal color vision as well as a driver’s license. As you consider careers in the Air Force, you are probably evaluating the best Air Force Officer jobs. Posted by. Airfield Ops was pretty cool despite being in a busy location. I laughed when I got to my new help desk and the "NCOIC" position was renamed to "Crew Chief". Here, we’re specifically talking about jobs in the Air Force that you don’t need to be an officer to qualify for. TACP Officers must complete the JTAC specialty course, become experts in survival, attend Airborne school, and follow specific assessments four times a year. An Intelligence officer is considered one of the best Air Force officer jobs because information is considered an asset. Related Article – Air Force Air Traffic Controller (1C1X1): Career Profile. Airfield ops are you talking about 1C131? And our flight chiefs always compliment us on getting the aircraft in the air within the flying window. Also, this job is critical to both planning and the overall effectiveness of missions. Enlisted TACP specialists have similar job functions. It's a win win all around. Consider working for Homeland Security, FBI, DEA, or local law enforcement jobs. The Airmen with this specialty carry out difficult missions in remote and dangerous areas. It is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in math, computer science, engineering, or something similar. OMK provides resources and content to young adults who are thinking about joining the US Armed Forces, but don’t know where to begin. I'm in need of a change lol. For those in the field of weather, there are civilian options for careers. Air Force cyber systems operations specialists oversee the design, install and support of the computer and software systems used in the Air Force. Flight attendant, hands down. So I've spent weeks going through old posts and reading about different AFSC's and best jobs. The commissary isn’t great and the types of … Indeed is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers. Info on Joining USAF. It's a great balance of 9-5 and deployments. It’s a job as exciting as it is stressful, but is definitely one of the best jobs in the Air Force for enlisted airmen. Here are some of the best bases you will find overseas. Here are 9 of the best Air Force officer jobs available for 2020: #3. Lastly, in the civilian world, those with jobs in intelligence might find work as a Business Intelligence Analyst, Computer Systems Analyst, or as a scientist or technician in Remote Sensing. They’re often paid much more due to their educational background and usually fill specialized positions. Despite this attachment to a team, this specialty requires a tremendous amount of solo fieldwork. 1 day ago. Specifically any kind of Hydraulics job, that shit never breaks so you have tons of downtime to work on homework and eprs. First of all, do the people who hold these jobs enjoy them? As an enlisted member of the Air Force in this field, you would need your diploma or GED, and have completed the initial weather skills course. This job list covers most of the AFSC categories. The Air Force offers more than 200 jobs for enlisted members. Cyberspace Operations officers are experts in everything to do with cyberspace. Meaning I only have to work during the "core hours" of 0800-1200 and I can come in and leave whenever I want as long as I do 8 hours. Top. How To Choose The Right Military Branch For You, Air Force Bonus List: 6 Bonuses Available For Signing, Enlistment, and Reenlistment, Air Force Air Traffic Controller (1C1X1): Career Profile, Air Force Weather Specialist (1W0X1): Career Profile, Air Force Cyber Warfare (1B4X1): Career Details, Air Force Promotion Timeline for Enlisted & Officers, Air Force Cyber Transport Systems (3D1X2): Career Profile, Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) Guide. AMOPer checking in. I'll look into it! Press J to jump to the feed. 1.3k. It's great when it's busy. Sounds pretty nice. Keanu is currently an active duty airman in the United States Air Force. It’s an incredibly important job which is great for job satisfaction and there’s a high demand for those who know how to work with medical equipment in the civilian world. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Join. All three of these factors are incredibly important when it comes to job satisfaction in the military and therefore, they all count toward which jobs made this list. You also get to fly wherever they go for however long they're there, so no excuse of "oops our plane broke down in Bali, guess we're going to have to stay here a couple days while it gets fixed", instead it's "our plane is going to Bali for a couple days or so with this DV...bring a swim suit, since there's nothing else for you to do until the DV is ready to leave." To cross train, you have to get a recommendation from a current chaplain assistant Religious Affairs member, so you'll have to reach out to your local chapel and start a conversation with them. Obviously aircrew, but specifically SMA, fly on planes/helos and do some hood shit. Posted by. Therefore, this expertise includes all communications through computers, satellites, and even airborne communications. Most require at least a high school diploma and good ASVAB scores but other than that, enlisted airmen are encouraged to go for these jobs. Wanna Admin at an ROTC Det, we also got it. 5 days ago. Im sure the day to day job isn't quite as glamorous or exciting as it seems in my head, but I would kill to have that job. What are the best Air Force Electronics jobs? You can then use this information to apply for a job in the Air Force. Anyone working a 9-5 job with normal federal holidays/down days/normality. We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. What interests you (obviously not medicine)? Just wanted to ask again. The U.S. Air Force offers several different career paths to its enlisted members. Meme. United States Air Force Reddit r/ AirForce. Minot is absolutely beautiful and Barksdale provides all the luxuries of Vegas minus that annoying dry heat. In this article, we will look at what an Air Force job entails and a few of the best Air Force jobs today. If you're really going to choose a job based on other people's feedback/experience, you're going to have a bad time.,,, Your email address will not be published. On a serious note, aircract maintenance AFSC have really really good job prospects when getting out. The military… Bullet Writing Tool TA-Matching Masters Virtual Desktop Info MFR writing tool. The Air Force is one of the most prestigious and tough-to-get-into branches of the U.S. military. The best job in the Air Force is yours, when you like it. Press J to jump to the feed. As a biomedical equipment specialist, you may replace medical equipment parts, repair various components of medical equipment and ensure the equipment falls within operating regulations. Therefore, those in Cyber Systems Operations specialists make sure all these essential systems are working correctly. Enlisted airmen have plenty of opportunities to perform in a rewarding field each and every day. I always thought Defense Attache would be a great job to have. As a cyber systems operations specialist, you are responsible for keeping these systems secure from outside intrusion and continually advancing these systems to ensure the Air Force is equipped with the most up-to-date technologies. You get reddit at work? 1.3k. An Intelligence officer must analyze data and determine threats to have a full understanding of the enemy and their vulnerabilities. Also, this specialty helps to ensure these systems are safe from outside intrusion. Even within the Air Force, there are security measures to be taken to help protect your fellow soldiers. Air traffic control specialists are an important part of keeping airmen, air space and aircraft safe. Shameless plug for my AFSC. I'm confused....doesn't medical only work like 2 days a week? You might even get the opportunity to work in a different country. Pilots are responsible for completing missions by flying various Air Force aircraft. I work at Fort Leveanworth. High levels of professionalism in my set. I personally think 3D1X2 (Network Technitian) is bomb as hell. I am looking into jobs for the AF and this was one of the top jobs I was looking at. 6 days ago. Got to see many neat things. Everyone I have worked with and for has been pretty fair so far but I just don’t think being in the medical field is for me. Comm SSgt here (3D0X2). u/Shakespeare06. Keanu enlisted in the US Air Force in September 2013, and attended the Community College Of The Air Force, graduating with an Associates Degree in Transportation. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm Admin (3A1X1/3F5X1/ABCDEFG) and I'd say my job satisfaction is 2/10.

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