benelli ethos vs montefeltro


How often to clean a shotgun means, to some people, when it stops working and not before. by Hotchkiss » Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:14 pm, Post It is a price point type gun, so apparently folks are understandably a bit more tolerant of the sourced parts and haphazard assembly. Remington 1100 Sporting 12, $859. If we were a Remington adherent, or if money was an issue, we’d pick it over the Benelli. With light target loads, though, that’s no real problem. The Benelli Montefeltro vs. So, yes: all you have to do is buy a new Benelli M2, trash the center bead and choke tubes, ask Benelli to take a hammer to the shell-stop and lighten the trigger, buy some proper choke tubes and you can have a shotgun just like mine. Posted by Vood on 2/17/17 at 2:57 pm. It is the best working man's autoloader Remington has ever created and it is a very good gun. The gun comes with a complete set of multi-chokes, which is quite commendable. Here’s a closer study that will give a better idea on the Benelli montefeltro vsM2 debate. The Silver and Maxus models are far more refined, all-around better shotguns and cost less. The stepped version is said to be the better choice for skeet and sporting competitions The second rib measures 10mm (0.39 inch) in width and is said to be better for trap shooting or for people who like a wider sighting plane. The Benelli brand has several solid inertia guns that are very well known. as a hunting The fake wood finishes are not possible to match, nor are the different colored receivers. This Benelli shotgun also has a rotating bolt-head. Legacy Shotgun Starting Price $2,039. The modern inertia action was invented by Bruno Civolani and is synonymous with the Benelli brand in many circles. It patterned acceptably with all the lead rounds we tried. But the Montefeltro lists for $940 and the Sport for $1,340. By BPUL2113, May 10, 2009 in Benelli. Browning later licensed the design to Savage, who produced it from 1930-1949 as their Model 720. But as we mentioned above, the Sport’s lighter weight could be a problem for some shooters, because in our view, the Benelli kicked more than the gas-operated 1100. other Beretta family models, making the A400 Xplor Action (above) looking The trigger needed work, in our opinion, to remove creep. They are good guns in general, although the factory triggers in Browning autoloaders are poor. With the basic Ethos The Browning Active valve series of shotguns has been around for a long time by now, and Browning has quietly made several running production changes along the way. The barrel length of the former is 21 inch as compared to the 24 inch of the latter. Shells slip right into the magazine thanks to the beveled loading port and redesigned carrier parts, and the new gun’s bolt release—a handy toggle mounted on the right receiver wall—no longer requires a jeweler’s fine motor skills. Sport Shotgun Starting Price $2,439, Vinci This fast-handling 28-inch gun shoots well and has plenty of field and range uses. Most of the The Sport’s trigger wasn’t anything to write home to Urbino, Italy, about, but it was adequate. The Benelli M2 is an advanced shotgun which is fast and accurate. As far as my own preference, in a 12 gauge it would be the Fabarm USA L4S as an upland gun and the Remington V3 as a plain-Jane looking, but do everything type of autoloader. It also has no adjustable comb. Blogs, Gear Review (or considerations) with Benellis, in general, have long been 1) I had a super 90 a couple years back that I wasn't super fond of as far as fit was concerned, but it was very reliable. Also, a third rib that has no step is available as an option. We test them to see if wed pay their steep prices. Aluminum alloy receivers can be made faster and cheaper. Our test sample had gorgeously figured buttstock wood and a 0.70-inch-thick soft-rubber buttpad. The standard Benelli Montefeltro and M2 models are classic fare and they rate as good guns. With a heavy trigger, oddly positioned pistol grip, and excessive stock movement from the Progressive Comfort springy stock thing, it is severely overpriced, costing more than good O/Us including the Beretta 686 and Browning Cynergy. How much more plastic can you put into a shotgun before it starts to melt? Benelli Ethos boasts of an operating system that is inertia driven and was manufactured by Benelli back in the 70s. The information is to be used at the sole discretion of the user and the user assumes all risk. 1 oz. The Mossberg 930 12 gauge is a fairly heavy and bulky gun. This year, at least in the arena of autoloading shotguns, the Benelli Ethos has generated more commentary than anything else in the category, even though the “Benelli Raffaello Power Bore 12” isn't strictly new, just new to the U.S. I did not buy either but leaning towards the Monty. We expected to have a lot of fun finding out, and we weren’t disappointed when tested Benelli’s Sport shotgun head to head against the Remington 1100 Sporting 12, which was introduced this year. Some have called it the best $300 gun you can buy for $1900, but I'll just call it a very poor value. The Benelli Montefeltro vs. Our recommendation: Buy it. While this approach can work for a good long while for long recoil and some kinematic / inertia guns, it is not the best approach with gas actions. the Vinci) can benefit from better shell handling, a bit larger bolt release, CZ-USA is a very good distributor with several good to excellent product offerings. As far as I'm concerned, the Fabarm L4S is the best finished, best overall autoloader on the market. The Ethos begs to be offered in 20 gauge, where loading difficulty is

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