behr silver drop vs seagull gray


I found that it was too gray for the NE facing room next door and used Ballet instead, and that had just enough warmth to work. But in the north facing rooms it leans less warm and more purple somehow. I have to say I loved the coziness of it before also….it was most definitely a little cozy sanctuary. I actually have the Hearth & Hand one. Very happy with that choice also. Sometimes it looks a little more blue than I wanted depending on the lighting in our home. I’m excited because I love changing things around, so I think this color will make those seasonal updates even more fun for me! I have been looking for this sort of piece for exactly the same sort of area in our bedroom ;) I just love your style and I cant thank you enough for inspiring me weekly! Where did you find that beautiful cabinet (the one from our dining room)? Neutral Truth 4: Lighting will make or break your neutral Soft and creamy. Overall though, I don’t actually think white would be good in my house because it’s so small with minimal natural lighting, so I’m happy enough. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Now a good gray, like a good ANYTHING will always be in style. I noticed that I liked all the examples you showed here of grey that works, and I realized that all the rooms had warm wood floors. The right gray is always in style:). It was light enough that it still felt airy and bright when the light was strong, and when it wasn’t it still looked nice—more sophisticated and moody than plain white or off-white, and a better backdrop for the colour palette I wanted to feature in those spaces. Way way less saturated somehow. The Best Indoor Plants For Beginners~Indoor Plants You Can’t Kill, Tips On How To Decorate Bookshelves And Bookshelf Decor Accessories, Cheap Wall Decor Ideas And Where To Find Affordable Art For Your Home, How To Find The Perfect Rug For Your Home. It’s warm and light and classy and grey and looks pretty with cream, with white, with wood, with WHATEVER! Orange toned neutrals make up the greige (beige + gray), and taupe families. The 9 Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors - Grays (Including Undertones), Sherwin Williams: The 5 Best Neutral Beige Paint Colours. Jump-start your style and refresh your home with budget-friendly and practical ideas from my book Simple Decorating! In an attempt to be more sophisticated I started painting everything gray. I mostly love it. Broadway PPU18-20, is a safe and resilient color perfect for your home. It has more of a cool finish and very minimal undertone. It gives us freedom to choose colorful art and decor. We receive many, many questions regarding grays. The same goes for the English who want happier colors that can also be moody, but not gray (or grey in the UK). Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. My favorite go-to greys are… Dolfin Fin, Irish Mist and Silver Drop by Behr. It looks beautiful. Neutral truth 1: Neutrals are not simple, in any respect. Give your space a touch of elevated comfort with this modern, sleek gray. Eon has a soft, pretty green undertone, that could slide slightly green-blue, perhaps with north-facing or eastern light. I know that beige is dated, but I‘m thinking that gray is not right for me since my decor usually includes warmer neutrals. Warm taupe gets its warmth from the red undertones. The color complexity of neutrals means they are very susceptible to the influence of lighting. Beautiful space. Just for fun I also put together a pretty color palette below that would be beautiful with to Seagull Gray. Love the color in your bedroom. If I could go back in time I probably would select a powdery blue paint for that plaster or just a warmer, lighter gray. Featured color: Chateau PPU7-06. Now available in 4 sheens. Get the advanced scuff-resistance you need with the look you want. We have Bennington Gray in our downstairs and stairwell it is decidedly the color of coffee with cream but both are a goes with everything pallete. Then make sure you like that undertone color. Don’t forget to come ask questions at the Color Clinic on Facebook this Thursday! But the best part about that color is there’s so many variations.

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