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As for the 4 stroke, it is super. Look elsewhere. This means they had to drill out all the rivets in my compartments, unbolt the front deck rails and disassemble several other parts to get the foam out and put new in. I purchased this boat in May of 2015. Due to the design of the trailer, the boat rides very heavy on the bow. I get 32-34 mph with the 60 hp 4-stroke. 'Best selling boat on the market' they say (a title like this probably won't last any longer than your boats will). Guess we're waiting for someone to get killed. I've been without my boat now since May 23 and I'm being told I won't have it back until at least August now. I can't see how this would help much out of the hole with the added weight of the engine. … read more We have had to replace the axle and many tires due to the weight being placed on this trailer. Now boat is in way worse shape than it was when it left. PRO TEAM 190 TX; PRO TEAM 190 TX TOURNAMENT ED. Would have been much more dramatic if it was a glass boat. It's a shame. The 75 pops right up and will cruise comfortably at the wide open speed of the 60. Original review: Oct. 8, 2018 Just purchased a 2019 195 TXW Tournament Ed. My mechanic replaced the fuel pump and gave the fuel system a thorough cleaning and sea foam additive. One week later, they called me in to pick it up. The parts have come in a week ago and now I am dealing with a useless Marina. I decided to contact Tracker Marine on June 20, 2016, who thought it may be a disconnected live well hose and recommended that I bring my boat to our local Tracker dealer in Ottawa, which I did on June 21, to have the leak explored and the live well repaired. Other restrictions and conditions apply. Not only did they fix the horn, they fully reassembled the capt chair, fixed the trolling motor; then to my complete surprise, they replaced the two (3 year old) deep cycle trolling motor batteries. Original review: Aug. 23, 2016 Recently went to Bass Pro Shops after I sold my old boat to look for a new one. My complaint is why hasn't this been a recall like they do on any other product. Took the boat out to the lake; the Mercury 50, 4 cycle, fired right up at the first turn of the ignition and pushed the boat right at 38 mph. Repairs took 2 months, when I received the boat, the original aluminum decking had been put back on the boat with new supports underneath (see attached pictures). But for overall performance I would prefer the 75. They sent it to be fixed and it still leaked. Hull and paint are in excellent condition as well as upholstery and carpet. I also noticed some fading on the deck since the boat had Sat outside for 1 year after they used it since it still had gas in it (old gas). Price does not include freight, dealer prep, and T.T.L.Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). With that being said, I would suggest you pass on the 60 and jump up to the 75 if possible. My Mechanic mentioned it was not safe to rely on the old batteries while out on Lake Mead and they wanted to be certain my family was to be safe while on the water. We take privacy seriously, please refer to our to learn more about how we keep you protected. When I asked why this had not been replaced as well, they told me that the aluminum had bent to the maximum amount that it would, and that even though it looks terrible and depreciates my boat below normal value, it was structurally sound and that is all they would repair was the structural integrity. They told me they are not allowed to demo boats. You will lose a little draft with the 75, but it will still draft less than a glass rig. Don't know if you are coming from the boat in your signature (Nitro with 200 HP), but this is obviously a much smaller boat. May want to check that out. The 60 is very reliable and runs great but is a dog for getting off plane. First I have a ten year old boat. I then called White River Marine Group directly who told me they could not help and any dedication would be left to the dealer I spoke to. It scratches super easy and chips super easy. I will have to repair the boat on my own, as Tracker Marine does not stand behind their product. Considering the boat once had a 90 hp rating it is easier to understand why a 60 is under powered. Every TRACKER® boat package also comes factory-rigged with a Mercury® outboard, Minn Kota® trolling motor and Lowrance® fishfinder. Bass Pro specials and discounts: Tracker Marine frequently offers new boat buyers a discount on Bass Pro items for an extended period of time. However, from previous Consumer Affairs reviews (Todd of Toronto, May 19, 2014) of Tracker Marine boat cracks, I was expecting a Bill of around $5K. Original review: Nov. 3, 2017 I purchased a new 17 Pro less than 1 year ago. Now mind you, I didn't drive the boat up on the beach. When I went to pick the boat up after the mechanics had gone over it one of them said that he had previously demo'd the boat with another customer. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. First time on water, the Lowrance Hook they installed was giving me a depth of 1267 feet on a lake that is 75 deep. Maybe It will be fixed in August if the Marina owner and or mechanic can get to it between their vacations. The dealer I originally bought the boat from has ordered the replacement consoles as of this time and I will update the review once more once they have been replaced. Friendly guy towed me back to the launch ramp. But.I bought my 2014 Tracker 175 TXW new for family fishing and maybe a few local tournaments. Every time I have talked to someone in the service department, they have given me wrong information, and acted like I am causing them some sort of inconvenience by checking the status of my boat. (20.41 kg) thrust, 45" (1.14 m) shaft, foot-control trolling motor w/, Able to accept 2nd trolling motor battery & up to a 24V trolling motor w/circuit breaker change (dealer installed), Trolling motor pedal recess w/tool holder & drink holder, Thru-bolted trolling motor mount for durability, Single-cable, no-feedback rotary steering, 1-piece rotomolded console w/tinted windscreen & mobile phone holder, Multifunction speedometer/fuel gauge & tachometer/trim gauge, Tournament-style 32-sq.-ft. (2.97-sq.-m) elevated bow deck w/oversized dual rod boxes & center tackle organizer, 100% composite fishing seats w/contoured hinges & snap-off cushions, Bow center tackle organizers & tool/tackle holder, Port & starboard rod storage w/large lids & rod organizers w/tubes—16 total rods up to 8' (2.44 m) casting/7' (2.13 m) spinning, Bow storage ventilation to reduce condensation, 3-across cockpit seating w/storage below center, Aft port & starboard molded storage boxes each hold three 3700 tackle boxes, Exclusive VERSATRACK® accessory-mounting channel in gunnels, 16-oz. This could be a danger to anyone in the boat. To view price with dealer prep and freight, use the search box to locate and choose a As a Tracker dealer, we do not stock the 60 powered boats. Dress properly with a USCG approved flotation device and protective gear. I don't see why people are giving this boat such horrible reviews? On his advice I purchased the recommended boat through White River Marine Group. It is a great trailer don't get me wrong, but not for the Targa. Not to mention you can put these tin boats in places other boats can't follow. If you upgrade to a 24V trolling motor and additional battery the weight has more effect on the 60 than the 75. Original review: May 5, 2017 I bought the Tracker 2014 pro v 16' brand new from a dealer in my hometown. Their customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with and I can guarantee I will not be purchasing another boat from them in the future. Overall very maneuverable, fishable, lots of storage, easy to maintain. Today, Tracker Marine Group owns several boat brands that make a large variety of boats, including fishing boats, recreational and fishing kayaks and luxury pontoons. This boat was purchased specifically for hunting/fishing on the Mississippi River and bowfishing East Arkansas. I told Marina a now they decided the whole pump assembly has to be changed. Meaning you have fixed the problem not put a bandaid on it. Original review: Jan. 15, 2017 I have owned three Tracker boats over the last 25 years. Bass tracker don't want to give me a refund and just wants to replace the hull. Yes, the boat I have is the 200hp Nitro that's in my signature. Also, the carpet on the trailer runner has already started to fray after just 10 to 15 unloads and reloads. But I could of found that in any number of boats out there. Some exceptions may apply. In July of 2018. With the cost difference between the 60 and 75, I could not justify it for 15 hp which would not have made much of a difference with the added weight in the boat(motor, battery, and water in livewells).

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