barnes ttsx expansion test


Whenever a new Barnes rifle bullet is introduced, its ballistic coefficient (BC) is determined by rigorous testing. Water is extremely an tough medium for bullets and in no way will represent what to expect from tissue. Coty. My guess is that the expansion would be similar. You can expect good working at the wide velocity range and with exellent penetration. We have had some technical calls asking if CR-10 will damage a rifle bore. These are all-copper X Bullets. Our Solids do not expand. Harder bullets tend to be inclined to retain their manufactured form better than softer, denser types. I've never had to really track an animal so I'm not complaining. It offers the best of both worlds because it’s also a premium hunting bullet offering exceptional terminal performance. These bands relieve pressure as the bullet passes through the bore, eliminating concerns about high pressures in fine double rifles. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Pushing the 8mm 160 TTSX to 3100 fps. … As long as you clean your barrel frequently, there is no way TSX bullets will wear out your barrel any faster than other bullets. Like they say on their homepage: “Barnes’ TSX Bullet Features include all-copper construction, no fragmentation, rapid expansion, 28% deeper penetration than lead-core bullets, and maximum weight retention.”, “Barnes TSX, TTSX, and LRX share the same all-copper design resulting in virtually 100% weight retention. Think of a bullet shot into water as an over expansion scenario. Which .50 BMG should I choose — Bore Rider or Standard? By reloading you can push it even higher velocities and adjust desired impact velocity for example to the 50 meters. How do your Banded Solids differ from other Barnes Solids? That was part of why I liked the Partition in my 243 as a kid, I may not have always had a great blood trail or gaping exit hole, but I always had an exit with some sort of leakage and the vitals were generally wrecked. A different tool is recommended for each bullet style (Expander MZ, Spit-Fire and Spit-Fire TMZ). The muzzle velocity, time of flight to target and distance to target then goes to a computer programmed to use this and other variables including temperature, humidity, altitude and barometric pressure to determine the actual BC of the bullet. Or if the 150 ttsx would expand about the same at 1900 fps. Therefore, they are usually recommended when you want to save pelts, hides or expect to take a follow-up shot on dangerous game. The inside is soup though. Why are Barnes Solids offered in a spitzer configuration? Also at the slower velocity of 619m/s (2031fps) the expansion of the bullet was at the OK level (1,68x), considering that we are talking about the big-game rifle cartridge and bullet, and the impact at the 172 meters (188 yards). The TTSX differs from the TSX in that it features a re-engineered nose cavity that accommodates a polymer tip. Yes, in most instances TSX Bullets will completely penetrate deer-sized game. Some of our loads may be compressed, and not necessarily be listed that way. E-mailed Barnes customer service a few days ago asking this reply yet. Why are my patches blue when they come out of the bore. At the higher velocity of 766m/s (2513fps) the expansion of the bullet was good. This is covered in Volume II of the 6.5 Grendel Reloading Handbooks on Page 49. If you feel uncomfortable shooting a compressed load, we would suggest choosing a faster-burning powder on the list. Good info. Because our TSX Bullets are solid copper and have a specially engineered nose cavity, it is nearly impossible for them not to expand. BC values are also affected by multiple rings cut into the shanks of TSX Bullets. P. Obey lawful commands. The VARMIN-A-TOR™ and the Varmint Grenade® are both hollow point guilding-metal jacketed bullets. These grooved rings act as relief valves as bullet metal flows under pressure while traveling down the bore. So If the velocity at the muzzle is 766m/s (2513fps), the lower impact velocity of 619m/s (2031fps) simulates the impact at the distance of 172 meters (188 yards). Four razor-sharp cutting petals expand to double the bullet’s original diameter to create a very long and wide wound channel. Will the Expander MZ work in my smokeless-powder muzzleloader? Lower impact velocity and lesser mushrooming of the bullet, can clearly be seen from the cavitation. Run a solvent-soaked patch, followed by a dry patch, through the bore between shots to improve accuracy and make loading easier. I guess I just need to make sure the animal is on the muzzle side of 2000 ft/second. Can XPB pistol bullets be used in my muzzleloading rifle? Is the 168-grain .30-caliber TSX the same as the 165-grain TSX? Also, will the .45 bullet stand up to .454 Casull velocities in both. They're very good bullets when they work well; speed helps them work. Your rifle’s bore may be dirty. My first thought at looking at both holes was that they could have been made with a broadhead...and you could eat to the holes. My guess is that the expansion would be similar. The hollow point, flat base bullet features a copper-tin composite core surrounded by a thin, tapered jacket with a scored nose. I have 100% confidence in TTSX put to 400-500 out of my 06 and 270. The VARMIN-A-TOR™ has all the accurate and explosive tendencies sought after by varmint shooters and vaporizes anything in its path. Regular cup/core bullets would sometimes leave more impressive exits with more blood to track by, but when they did not exit, there was often no blood at all. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Why do Expander MZ and Knight Red Hot Bullets have different shapes? However, the smaller hollowpoint on the .50 caliber 220 grain Knight Red Hot has a better BC because of the bullet’s streamlined design. The TSX has proven to be one of the most accurate hunting bullets available–a fact countless shooters have confirmed. Should you adjust your sights when switching from TSX bullets to Banded Solids? SAKO75 OP. The answer is, of course, No. Looking to take my 8mm06AI out west this fall, for Elk. Your email address will not be published. I`ve shot it to 600, very accurate, and blows water jugs to bits, but could I expect realiable expansion from say 350-500 yrds. I was impressed with the lack of blood-shot ribs, on side or off, as MV is 3400 fps. Particularly for the .300 WSM? The 140 and the 100 gr TSX is about 2000 fps, the 210 gr TTSX is 1800 fps as per Dave. Thicker copper jackets are one way to slow or control expansion. Complete penetration, virtually 100-percent weight retention and four razor-sharp cutting petals that double bullet diameter means the new Tipped TSX creates more internal damage than any competing bullet. Toll-Free: (800) 574-9200 We usually don't recommend crimping our smaller-caliber bullets. The rings also alter barrel harmonics, greatly improving accuracy. Therefore, we always recommend using our data. I never tried then into dry newsprint or dry phone books. How does your data compare to other manufacturers’ data? The amounts of penetrations was exellent. Probably what would be expected, faster is better with the mono bullets. Barnes Bullets is a copper bullet manufacturer from USA and is one of the biggest and oldest copper bullet manufacturers. The 165-grain TSX incorporates a shorter tangent ogive in the nose profile. Contact Form Minimum expansion velocity for TTSX Jordan Smith wrote: Hi, I was wondering what the minimum expansion velocity is for a few individual bullets, the 7mm 140gr TTSX, .257 100gr TTSX, and the .338 210gr TTSX. © 2020, Barnes Bullets, LLC. The ballistic coefficient of this bullet is 0,326 (G1). But then the corelokts were found on the ground after the animal walked away.

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