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Barley Lightfoot is one of the main characters of Onward. 10 Comments. Haloween costumes for the Lightfoot Bros. rain1940. Menu. My other interests bled into these doodles… <:)c I won’t bore you with the details dfkgjhfd;; (Please ignore the random outfits… but also *whispers* that’s dad in the lantern).



Onward Avengers. 1 Appearances 1.1 Pinocchio 1.2 Figaro and Cleo 1.3 Other appearances 2 Walt Disney Parks and Resorts 3 Gallery Cleo is always seen in her fishbowl, often reacting or responding to a situation through silent smiles and water twirls. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Barley Lightfoot is a teenage male elf.He is the son of Laurel and Wilden Lightfoot, and the older brother of Iandore Lightfoot.. What he needed was acceptance. Takeuchi15. Physical appearance. the last one is my favorite tbh LOOK AT THAT SWEET SMILE!!! 226 Favourites. 257 Favourites. AU where Barley is a young and fun History Teacher who teaches the students about history and random Yore facts, vague ideas with, but he’s still the same goofball (just a bit more strict oop–), an appreciation post for Barley’s cute chubby tum <3.

Though he prioritizes fantasy over reality, forgets to pay parking tickets and protests the destruction of wizard-world heritage sites, his only crime is being misunderstood in a world that overvalues conformity. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon …

Barley Lightfoot is a teenage male elf. Barley and Ian.

Movies. Reblog. Barley Lightfoot is a tall, beefy, and burly elf, easily dwarfing his brother, Iandore Lightfoot, in size. He is the son of Laurel and Wilden Lightfoot, and the older brother of Iandore Lightfoot. Sorry for all the posts on the tag ok byeeeeeee <:3c, sometimes i have the strong urge to go on a treacherous quest with my best buds where we all find ourselves through the intricacies of friendship and love, AINT NOBODY IN THIS MOVIE FUNCTIONAL OR DISTINGUISHED, Why is no one talking about the bridge scene when the rope untied and Barley had literal tears in his eyes but he was trying his goddamn best to make sure his baby brother still felt safe because he believed in him so much that he knew he could do it so long as he didn’t freak out like I love Barley so much he was crying and panicking and still trying to pretend everything was okay to protect Ian like he’s been doing his whole life and I am emotional, Barley holding a pride flag because I am fueled by raw spite apparently, i could fix this but no i don't think i will :), sorry i drew baby ian so weird looking in the last pic fdgkjfdg, not like i can pretend it doesn't exist at this point though, I love when he jumps up or raises his arms nd u can see a bit of it under his shirt.



He made friends with a few of the chickens and rides the pot belly pig around the barnyard. Possibly my best design to date, have a Barley Lightfoot Costume for Halloween!!

onward pixar disney onwardpixar ianlightfoot barley barley_lightfoot pixaronward onwardfanart. Coat QR/Thread Code ~Part Hero, … 250 Favourites. Barley. Cleo is Geppetto's pet goldfish in Disney's 1940 animated film, Pinocchio. He wears a black shirt, a jean vest with lots of pins and patches, army-green shorts, black sneakers, a dark blue beanie, and a spiked bracelet.

Supportive Barley even from the start and Ian has no idea what he’s saying. Read Our Ending | Barley Lightfoot from the story Onward Imagines by spiderneds (mariah) with 1,153 reads. Now they must find a way to summon the rest of their father within the 24 hours before it is too late.

I made a corgi costume with a custom fuzzy belly and stumpy butt! 43 comments.

On Ian's 16th birthday, his mother Laurel gifts him and his older brother Barley a staff their late father told her to give them when they were both over the age of 16. hide. What Barley Lightfoot wanted was to say goodbye to his father, and that pays off. made a lil au oops. mannnn I didn't realize how many people I wanna draw that I haven't drawn yet, i might tag it properly if i can be bothered to neaten any other doodle for it, psst guinevere is pretty feral for a pegasus, but is fiercely loyal to Barley (and by extension Laurel and Ian), saw a similar meme by calliecrossroads (which was an amazing one lol) and made this, had to take a screenshot of the movie to mine because i couldn’t find the template, i have so many doodles of them as kids ddgfd, might tidy up/redraw that one from my earlier posts, why have a kid if you don't dress them up in cute shit, everyone in the lightfoot family is bi sorry i dont make the rules, every since I watched onward I can't stop thinking about barley, I'm so inspired by his decision to not be afraid, he does all this little things throughout the movie, that show he's just a big brother type by nature, i spent so long on this and i love how it came out.

1.7k. Bonus - cause I didn’t know where else to put it: Template from @mimiscappinisideblog and @calliecrossroads, i haven’t stopped thinking about this movie since i saw it a week ago and you know its bad cause this is the first piece of voluntary fanart ive made in months. Gilliland35.

Biography Onward.

The dr told ian that his throat could be fixed and ian is beyond happy.

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Onward. Accidental collab because @thederpyhipster and I share the same braincell. share. barley, onwardpixar, ianlightfoot. 53 Comments.

The staff is revealed to be a wizard staff that can summon their father back to life for 24 hours with a spell. Barley Lightfoot is one of the main characters of Onward.He is rowdy yet compassionate and accompanies his brother Ian in getting the other half of their late father back after a spell to bring him back to life for 24 hours goes awry.

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