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Out of the corner of one eye, I can see something that looks like the pink satin ruff of a carelessly discarded coverlet. After a long search they found a designer with the kind of towering vision they felt would do the house justice. We generally have sit-down dinners either for 20 or 60 people. This is the primary residence (named "Copper Palace") of the former model and her developer husband, George Gradow. She described the interior as “bizarre,” then backtracked a bit. By •Flexible…, FT Fundraising Mgr. It introduces you to people who have taken unconventional living to a whole new level. Their 24,000-square-foot home, which sits on 35 acres on Starwood’s west side, was finished in 1995 after six years of planning, design and construction. Benton and Gradow, parents of two young kids when the house was built, wanted a home where a dinner party for 150 was possible, but one in which privacy was paramount. His plan began with four pods, built around structural steel-and-concrete staircases, that essentially lifted the house off the ground. The result was eclectic extreme: ducks around a fountain, sculptures of family members above elevator doors, and more, including ceramics made by Benton and Gradow’s children and a table that once belonged to Andrew Carnegie. The two pools are piped with music, and you only hear the music when you’re underwater. The room’s curvature has become normal, the color scheme tame, the décor artsy, not alien. It airs … It features two swimming pools with underwater speakers, a ballroom, a disco, office space, a gym, a dark room, a master bedroom (with a revolving bed) offering views of Mount Sopris and the Roaring Fork Valley, a projection room and much more. By Dear Meredith: Is It Okay to Stay in My Aspen Bubble During Covid-19? The Barbi factor. I had done some modern interiors as well, but not so much and I’d never done outer space before. Photography: Nicholas Koenig. Before I was building the house, it took me a while to find the people that made those speakers. The Copper Palace, which took more than four years to build, began with typical architectural concerns. “I will say something about this town: Just about everybody here reciprocates. Published in the Midwinter/Spring 2014 issue of The house, which is set on 40 acres in, was designed by architect Bart Prince. Prince wanted to minimize the footprint, maximize the views, and let the structure follow the slope of the hill. The Playboy Mansion via The Magic mushroom house "The house has an Aspen Colo profile and was built over several years beginning in 1973. But Benton and Gradow also owned a house on Buttermilk known as the Magic Mushroom. Lautner we loved, but we were worried that, at his age, the altitude up here would be too much for him. Styled by 211 • Aspen, CO 81611, The Pandemic Has Given Us an Oasis of Calm. “This way, nobody has to go anywhere. It is moving around in a languid circle on tracks recessed into the bedroom floor. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one. It’s multitiered, with each area resembling a pod. Britta Briscoe © TI Media Limited. Aspen Sojourner. Jane Gendron, Cindy Hirschfeld, and Ted Katauskas, 07/14/2020 Catherine Lutz 14ms. Benton says it looked like the White House. Benton said she has often wondered whether she would rather be within walking distance of downtown Aspen, “and the answer is, if I could have 40 acres [close to Aspen], yes,” she said. There are fibre-optic lights buried in the plastic resin desks in the office suites, and when the orbicular granite, sourced from an Australian mine and used in her husband’s bathroom, ran out two pieces short of finishing the job, Benton begged with the mine’s previous customers to part with some. They put the home on the market back in 2001 with a price tag of $25,000,000. “It says we’re not your average people. The Details - Benton enlisted nearly forty artists for the home. Comprising five copper pods connected by stairways, the 25,000-square-foot building is cantilevered in sections to provide views from all areas of the house. Benton commissioned more than 50 artists to create artworks for the house. Jan 6, 2020 - So our favorite octogenarian Playboy has been in the news recently with the announcement that he is putting his Los Angeles Playboy Mansion up for sale – and Hef comes with it. It is located on Starwood Drive in Aspen, CO. His Corona del Mar residence for the art collector Joe Price was described by the Architectural Record in 1991, at the time of its construction, as ‘not restrained by traditional notions of good taste’.

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