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Uniden Bearcat EZI-33 XLT Airband VHF UHF FM Handheld Scanner Receiver EZI33XLT. No Price, 1995 ARCTIC Cat Panther Deluxe 440, electric start, reverse, handwarmers, in excellent condition and good running order, call for details, Grand Falls - Windsor (Central) The Binturong is thought to be most closely related to the Palm Civet and is the largest member of this family. Radio Shack Pro-2055 1000 Channel Trunking Scanner With Military Aircraft Band! As with the hierarchy in Mongoose society however, it is the female Binturong who remains the dominant adult.

Like a number of other mammalian young, BInturongs are born blind and cannot hear and rely solely on their mother to provide them with milk. C $103.37 shipping.

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C $111.97. The Binturong is a large, heavy animal that can grow to more than a meter long from their snout to the tip of their tail, with females being up to 20% bigger and heavier than their male counterparts.

Port Rexton (East)

The Binturong was once natively found throughout China, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and on the island of Borneo, and although there are populations still found in a number of these countries, their numbers have been declining and the Binturong can now be extraordinarily hard to spot. Grand Falls - Windsor (Central) Stored for the past 4 years.

These glands are used to mark trees and foliage to outline an individual's territory and is distributed whilst the Binturong is moving about. However, it is this industry that along with other factors, has aided in the rapid decline of Binturong population numbers throughout South-East Asia.

10 bids. $2,000.00, 2013 ARCTIC Cat 120, Selling because kid outgrow, Grand Falls - Windsor (Central)

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The Binturong was once natively found throughout China, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and on the island of Borneo, and although there are populations still found in a number of these countries, their numbers have been declining and the Binturong can now be extraordinarily hard to spot. They have very long, coarse and shaggy fur which varies from dark brown to black in colour and is tipped with grey, along with tufts of long and dark straight hair which protrude beyond the tops of their ears.

Sled for sale. Class-Leading 10-inch Front and Rear Travel The Binturong is thought to live for between 10 and 15 years in the wild but can happily reach older ages in captivity with one individual having died at the age of 26.
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Despite belonging to the carnivorous mammal group, the Binturong is mainly frugivorous meaning that it survives primarily on a diet that is comprised of fruit. Radioshack Pro-163,Grecom,CPU …

They are excellent climbers and are well aided by their strong feet, agile bodies, semi-retractable claws and their prehensile tail.

They belong to the same family as other small carnivores including Civets, Genets, Mongooses and Fossa and share a number of characteristics with them including a long snout and having more teeth than most other carnivorous mammals. Spare track (1.25 Ripsaw) ~6000km

The Binturong is known to be a very vocal animal and makes a number of sounds to both communicate with other Binturongs and to warn off species that it sees to be a threat.

The biggest threat to the world's Binturong population though is people and in a number of ways.

Due to their ability to swim and dive well, the Binturong also hunts fish in the water when cooling down in the heat of the day. The Binturong is also known to both swim and dive well and often spends time in the water to simply cool down in the heat of the sun.

Used Snowmobile.

The Binturong is listed by the IUCN as a species that is Vulnerable from extinction in its natural environment in the near future. The Binturong (along with the Kinkajou of South America) is also unique among carnivorous mammals as they possess a prehensile tip to their tails, which acts almost like another leg helping both with climbing, and gripping onto branches to give the Binturong more stability. 1,050-lb Towing Capacity Also known as the Bearcat, the Asian Bearcat and the Asian Civet, the Binturong was once commonly found throughout much of its historical range but sadly, today they are a rare find in the thick jungles and very little is actually known about their behaviour in the wild.

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Both growing Human settlements and forest clearance for agriculture are the main culprits and seeing as the Binturong needs dense jungle to successfully survive, plantations provide no sanctuary in their dwindling homelands. Oddly enough, the odour of this scent is said to smell like popcorn as are Binturong cubs when they are newborn.

Larger animals such as Tigers and Snakes would pose the biggest threat to the Binturong adults, along with Birds of Prey and small carnivores that could easily target one of the young cubs. Geared lower.

C $59.61 shipping. The Binturong relies heavily on dense, thick forest where there is plenty of cover both in the trees and on the ground and with a big decline in its native jungles, this mammal simply has fewer places to go. Like other members of the Civet family, the Binturong has scent glands which are located just under its tail. The Binturong is a relatively large and slow-moving animal, yet it is not really a main source of prey to the predators that also inhabit the dense, surrounding jungle.
Human encroachment on their historical habitats has meant that numbers have declined drastically and along with their capture still in many parts, has led to a 30% decline in Binturong population numbers in the last 30 years. The Binturong is an exotic, large and bulky animal, which resembles a mongoose or the civet family of carnivores.

Today, the Binturong is rarely seen in the wild with just a handful of sightings having been reported over the past decade. The Binturong has been caught for their meat, captured and sold into the pet trade, subjected to vast habitat loss (mainly in the form of deforestation), and is also trapped and caught to be sold into the Chinese medicine market, where a number of their body parts are used in traditional remedies.

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Between 1 and 3 small cubs are born that measure about the size of a Human fist. They are known to make chuckling sounds when they seem to be happy and appear to utter a high-pitched wail if they become aggravated. Although there is not thought to be a mating season as such, there are thought to be higher instances between February and April and then later in July and November. Last Updated 2 weeks ago Comes with:

2007 ARCTIC Cat Jaguar Z1, Sled is a 4 stroke 1000cc. C $501.21 . 2020 ARCTIC Cat Alt 570, 2020 Arctic Cat Alterra 570

2006 ARCTIC Cat 660 turbo wide track long track, Sled has between 3000 and 4000 miles and is in mint. Not only having been over-exploited as pets, zoo attractions, in medicines and for food, the Binturong is also subjected to devastating loss of vast areas of its natural habitat which has pushed the remaining populations into smaller and smaller pockets of their once large historical range. Just dont use it is the reason for selling, St. Anthony (West)

This tree-dwelling mammal is actually known to be startlingly passive towards people and has been easily domesticated and kept as an exotic pet all over the world.

C $254.62.

Icom IC-R20 Communications Receiver Police Fire C MY OTHER HAM RADIO Amateur . When climbing, the Binturong is actually able to rotate its hind legs backwards so that their claws still have a good grip when climbing down a tree head first.

An adult Binturong rages from 60 – 96 cm in length.

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