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Song is applying a clay like substance to the rash. Version 2 In season two of The Last Airbender, Iroh sings in memory of his son, Lu Ten, who was…. He is looking a pretty white and red flower in the foreground. There's only one explanation. Make sure your selection

(Iroh looks over Song's shoulder at "Junior," who balls his fists at the name his uncle has just bestowed on him.) Zuko: Sorry, but we need to be moving on. Aang: So, you were showing me the octopus form. (A low rumble through the tunnel startles everyone into looking up, then cut to a night shot of the exterior of Song and her mother's house. I'm saying I'd rather kiss you than die. Then we should be able to solve it like a maze and get through. (Cut to a wide overhead shot of the group from the viewpoint of the top of the cave entrance.) She is slightly surprised as Aang's water tentacle grabs her leg and yanks tight. My name is Song. Katara: (teasingly) What, like you're ready to go right now, naked guy? (Cut to a shot of Moku and the two nameless members of Chong's band. Chong: (happily) Hey-hey, you saved us, Sokka! (All the catapults fire simultaneously. (Cut to a close shot of Sokka looking sour, his forehead indeed red. During this scene, Iroh sets up a small memorial to Lu Ten in Ba Sing Se. ), Called up Boss Top, told him, "Come get me", Investigation, man, these pigs tryin' to get me, I put that boy in a box, he run out his socks, This song has two different versions, one released in December 2019 and the other in March 2020. See, if you move them closer together you protect your center. Long ago, the Four Nations lived together in harmony. After a moment of darkness, the screen is lit by an assortment of gems in the ceiling that glow light blue. Appa opens his mouth to grunt and the camera angle flies right into it. (The camera pans back to Chong, Sokka and Katara. View Avatar song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song … Sokka runs to the obstruction and begins to dig frantically. (evaluates Aang's form and comes over to correct it) Your arms are too far apart. Aang turns away from Katara and looks back at Chong with a smile.) They lean in to each other as the torch falters and goes out.

The one carrying a guitar like instrument and wearing a wreath of flowers begins to sing softly.) Katara still points to the picture of the city of Omashu. (Cut to a wider shot of the group from behind, with Chong in the foreground and Aang and Katara in the background, their backs to the camera. Aang and Katara enter and move deeper into the chamber.) Katara: (gesturing negatively with her hands as Sokka resurfaces behind her, Momo landing on his hand) We're not river people. They are gone in an instant, flying down the tunnel.) Is he fighting in the war? Sokka: (trying to sing to the one note he's strumming and not doing very well) Badger moles, coming toward me. Fire. Lily: You've gotta focus less on the "where" and more on the "going." Shift back to Sokka and Chong's band. The tunnel is so large that Appa can easily be accommodated.) As the camera zooms backward, huge columns of rock enter from the bottom of the screen.) A rotund fellow behind him wears a white and pink robe, a coolie hat and plays a drum. She stands head lowered, her arms straight out from her sides and her palms facing outward. Sokka: Everyone into the hole! Chong: Actually, it's not just one tunnel. (kicks at the ground angrily) This is impossible!

This page is a tool for further exploration after the initial reading. (stops and says normally) Yeah, and I forget the next couple of lines, but then it goes... (sings enthusiastically as everyone else dances) Secret tunnel! Chong: Hey, me too.

That, or macahoni berries that cause blindness. Sokka: No, they were trying to get away from something. Cut to Appa in mid flight, fireballs closing in around him. Song's Mother: (seating herself) My daughter tells me you're refugees.

Version 1 music video Cut to a close up shot of the Commander in his tank.)

Katara: Right. Katara: (voice-over) They met on top of the mountain that divided their two villages. Chong: Eh, about two hours each. Zuko: Yeah. Cut to a shot of the badger mole's face, as he stops his advance and puzzles over Sokka. These people just showed you great kindness. As they pass the courtyard gate the see a stable where a war ostrich is tethered. These guys have been everywhere.

Behind them another explosion of rock reveals another badger mole. I knew we shouldn't have come down here.

Sokka: (sullenly, but also blushing) Just play your songs. Zuko: (hesitantly) Names Of course we have names.

We'll be fine. Long ago, the Four Nations lived together in harmony. Commander: (o.c.) (She turns away from Aang, who himself turns to face the camera.) (Cut to Chong and his band sitting by a log in the forest. Or deadly poison? (Before he can answer, the camera cuts to a wide shot of the exit tunnel landing. She turns around to face him once again in a bending stance.) Song: When I was a little girl, the Fire Nation raided our farming village. Sokka: What exactly is this curse? (The group makes its way slowly into the tunnel, Appa groaning in protest, but still following. The image is still of the mountain and the camera closes in upon it fast. Zuko: They're about to show us a little more kindness.

Sokka: You guys are gonna be done soon, right? Iroh: Zuko, remember that plant that I thought might be tea? (The cameo of the two lovers sharing a kiss is replaced by a shot of the woman looking to her right in vain, encased in a halo of white, the rest of the background in red.) Katara: (voice-over) But their love was strong and they found a way. (Aang looks after her and smiles slightly.

Sokka: (cynically) Right. But where we haven't been we've heard about through stories and songs. They turn and enter the two holes the created to exit the mountain, closing them up with their earthbending powers after they passed through. This fades, replaced by a close up image of their hands touching. Chong: (smiling and pointing briefly at them) Heh-hey! Ironic that Mako sang the song that would be a tribute to his death. (Everyone enjoys the song except Sokka, who looks miserable. Chong: (stops playing) Well, not everywhere, Little Arrowhead. (Katara, whose hair is being braided by Lily, looks crossly up at Sokka at this) We need to get to Omashu. He realizes what is going on, gets up with the guitar and starts strumming.) (The mountain fades away, replaced by the image of a long haired woman in pink and a man in blue on top of the mountain. His hair is no longer in a pony tail and now lies tangled in a wet mass on his head. We need to get help. Moku and the others turn and see the smoke.) Through the mountain! Off camera Chong begins to strum his guitar. He is clearly having fun imitating an octopus. They became the first earthbenders. They approach the dais on which the two coffins rest.)

Well then what kind of people are ya? We've all been through it. Sokka: We will be fine. Cut back to a long, wide shot of Sokka and the others walking along the tunnel.

Sokka: (defensively) At least I'm thinking of ideas and trying to get us out of here, Moku. Cut to a wide shot of the kids in the water looking towards the beach from where the sounds are coming from, then cut to a view from somewhere along the path to the beach within the forest. As Sokka inches backwards away from the advancing badger mole, his fingers accidentally strum one of Chong's guitars discarded on the ground in the shuffle. He stops this and Momo jumps from his shoulder as the noises continue. Cut to Sokka rubbing his head in frustration with his companions. We have 8 albums and 86 song lyrics in our database. (starts playing his guitar and sings) Two lovers, forbidden from one another... a war divides their people, and a mountain divides them apart. Cut to a wide shot of Appa lying down on the beach in front of the river. The city is smoking and appears to be on fire in several places. The lovers didn't want anyone to find out about their love, so they built a whole labyrinth. Some people believe that the Avatar was never reborn into the Air Nomads, and that the cycle is broken. Aang: You guys are nomads That's great! (strums a chord on his guitar and sings low and dramatically) And die!

The tanks fire their grappling hooks into the top of the tunnel and pulls down a large amount of rock, completely blocking the entrance. ], Act I Air. Secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel! Momo begins to chitter excitedly, clearly telling Appa the story of what happened after they got separated. (Sokka walks into the shot from the left, still mostly naked and with Momo perched on his shoulder. (Cut to frontal shot of Sokka who raises an eyebrow in skepticism at this.)

Yeah! Cut back to Aang and Katara walking through the tunnel with Appa.) Appa rolls back to his feet as a rumbling is hears. Katara: Everyone be quiet.

[This transcription is an exact replication of the one found on AvatarSpirit.net. Song and her mother stand ready to bid them goodbye.) Cut back to Aang, who dodges Katara's icicles and then uses one of his water tentacles to lash at Katara who is off screen to the left. It's too dangerous. Iroh: But where are we going to go? (Cut to a wide shot of Aang, Katara and Appa in the tunnel lit by the luminescent crystals.) Whenever. Aang: How are we gonna find our way out of these tunnels?

Chong: (singing cheerfully) Oh, don't let the cave in get you down. Iroh: (calmly while scratching) When the rash spreads to my throat, I will stop breathing. (The wolf bat lands on four legs, and folds it wings. / It get wicked when I'm walking with it (Lil' bitch) / It get wicked when I'm walking with it (Yeah come) / I don't aim 'cause the Glock hold 50 (Goddamn) / I don Junior, where are your manners? Two of the figures, Aang and Katara face each other like gunslingers in front of a natural arch of stone that protrudes from the cliff wall. (Cut to a close of Sokka. (She hands him a package, presumably of leftover roast duck) It brings me joy to see someone eat my cooking with such... gusto. (In front of Sokka lies the devastated fortress city of Omashu. It is highly stylized and looks as if it were from Japanese panel art.

(She drops her hold on him and walks back to her former position. (A hole appears in the middle of this map that shows the two lovers kissing.) (Aang's eyes bug out a moment after his last comment as he realized the dreadful mistake he has just made.) There's no way we're going througbrh some cursed hole! Earth. Chong: (pleased) Aren't we all, brother? They must only light up in the dark! Only This painting is of a large animal with claws.) Suddenly, Sokka's leaf boats capsizes and he yells as he falls into the water. The tunnels are changing. (Cut back to Aang, who is now encased in the bubble of water, his arms and, consequently, his tentacles waving lazily around him. Abrupt cut to a shot of a Fire Nation Commander in front of two long lines of Fire Nation catapults. Cut to Aang who doesn't react for a second, then speaks.) Katara, further insulted, turns away with a noise of indignation. Zuko: (standing and talking quickly) Yes, we're travelers. We let huge ferocious beasts lead our way. (Cut to a shot of Sokka, Chong behind him holding a lit torch.) Zuko: (quietly, but intensely) I know. Verge - Theme from Avatar the Last Airbender Lyrics. Cut to Zuko and Iroh riding away on the ostrich, then cut to a close up of Song looking out from her front door. Katara: (voice-over) The two lovers learned earthbending from the badger moles. Fire. Katara: (voice-over) But one day the man didn't come. Aang: (blushing, slightly flustered) Oh... yeah. Katara: What can we do? Katara: (turning to Aang, infuriated) Well, I'm not sure which I would rather do!

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