astroneer shredder exploit


We are continuing work on this issue and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible. [AS-6162] - Made several fixes to Terrain 2.0 which would cause Client players to see seams where Host players have deformed terrain around resource deposits. Each item shredded will yield different amounts of scrap, and any partially complete stack of scrap will remain in the Shredder until enough scrap has been collected to create an entire nugget of scrap. Check out the patch notes to read about all of the details of this update which also includes UI improvements and minor changes to the rovers. Those layers require some additional tooling as the development studio System Era continues to polish things and the latest update, version 1.0.9., is available now. maybe try to restart steam? [AS-5038] - And while we’re there, fixed a visual issue where attempting to quick stow a large item while holding it would trigger the “Backpack Full” UI warning. This doesn't mention the auto arm confusion. It’s most prevalent on Figurine Platform, Medium Storage, and Large Platform C. It also occurs to a lesser degree, depending on the camera angle, on Medium Storage Silo and Extra Large Storage. (Except when the centrifuge is set to Ammonium which requires 2 full Small Canisters), [AS-11373] - Auto Arm will now only place valid items into small and medium generators, [AS-11384] - Resources are no longer available when an Auto Extractor fully depletes the resource node, [AS-11401] - Items being picked up by the Auto Arm can no longer be picked up at the same time, [AS-11405] - Auto Arms will now reset back to the input side and pass resources, [AS-11437] - Auto-Arms will no longer take partial nuggets from Resource Canisters when the arm starts to grab the nugget at the same time as it is moving to the input slot, [AS-11551] - Auto Extractor must be fully anchored in a valid area before gathering resources, [AS-11554] - Auto Extractor will now stop extracting when placed over a resource that is different than the one in the canister attached to it, [AS-11624] - Tooltip for the Sensor Harpoon stays active even when the user quickly branches two nodes. System Era Softworks' Astroneer has released another update which brings new items and equipment for explorers according to a news post on the game's Steam Community page. [AS-6112] - Fixed an annoying issue with the small printer where it would lose the Use key and could not be used to print a thruster and progress the objective. What upcoming features on the roadmap are you excited about? This is especially noticeable when slots appear in a grid pattern. In order to create steel in real life, you need to use Iron with carbon. While you're running around looking for goodies to grind up, you'll also find new harvestables on Radiated and Arid worlds for you to exploit! The ratio of scrap to resource varies on the rarity of the resource being traded for. You will now have to go back to collecting Scrap the good ‘ol fashion way. In return, you'll get back some resources that you can use to finish off that project you're working on. I find scrap more of a convenience. Guess I'll have to wait till a future update to play... no performance fixes for the previous update's issues. Modified the power switch to transfer oxygen like extenders do. Astroneer guide 2020. Its kind of a huge job to move all these canisters and process the contents, decide what to make. Got a hot tip? I've tried writing down lists, but I'm lazy and spoiled. Then I went searching for metals... uuh NOTHING lol. [email protected] [AS-11694] - Canisters set to output will now allow Auto Arms to place the resource type as set into them, [AS-11701] - Medium Resource Canister lines up properly with the Auto Extractor when placed on top, [AS-11702] - Sensor and repeater nodes can no longer be attached to a Drone, [AS-11707] - Resource Canisters will consistently produce resources if they are available, [AS-11713] - Segment line stripe highlight has been slowed down for sensors/repeaters, [AS-11714] - Auto Arm filter slot is now easier to target, [AS-11717] - Using mouse or controller, it’s now easier to target individual Segment and target pins when placed close together, [AS-11742] - Resource Canisters will no longer create partial nuggets even if a user fills the canister and uses a storage sensor to switch the canister mode, [AS-11758] - Target pins connecting to T1 items on T1 slots properly target the correct slot on platforms and storages with singular, spread out T1 slots, [AS-11804] - When power is available, Repeater slots now power T1 items.

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