arabic bad words


This word is both funny and degrading, with a lot of young Arabs using it throughout a jokey conversation. Arabs, who love all things perfumed and incensed, like to insult each other by one of the worst claims: that you smell bad! This literally means “you shit,” and is used to demean someone. It’s a form of cultural expression, although in an impolite manner.

I’m a white boy or American. Lol, Ya hamar=you jackass your welcome but be careful using these words. Same thing with the word “seal” Spanish “la foca”, French “le foque” the American students always ask how do you say “seal” in French or in Spanish. When we got home, we asked a Libyan friend why, and he told us that “zib” is slang for penis. This phrase means “may your father be cursed”, and is probably one of the most insulting ways to get someone into a fight. A nominal sentence in Arabic begins with an ism which is a broad category of noun in Arabic. are nominal or verbal and informative or non-informative. Dialects. 6) Ya Sharmouta Pronounced as: YA SHAR-MOO-TA. Another way in which we can categorize sentences is with it is turned into a The phrase could have been handy a few times. Reference: AnonymousWarning: Contains invisible HTML formatting, Last Update: 2013-02-16 This is the common equivalent of “kiss my ass.” This literally means “lick my ass,” and is also used between friends or when someone is trying to mock or belittle another person in the group. Take it easy! جملة Nothing is worse than the bottom of a dirty shoe. This is the common equivalent of “f*** your sister” or “damn it,” when a person is pretty annoying or partly before two get in a fistfight. This is how you tell someone to screw off or go away if you’re feeling angered or annoyed by their presence.

This phrase means “May God take your soul”, which basically means they hope that person dies then and there. Ya Ibn el Sharmouta (YA EBEN AL SHAR-MOO-TA). Distinguishing between the mubtada and khabar is essential to knowing where to place the copula is (or its versions) in the translation.


Words related to women. i was alwas saying bad words in arabic in the chat. Any of these could get you into serious trouble. But please use any of these words with caution . thanks for sharing. It is quite interesting. Remember, these swear words are highly offensive to use against other people, so we caution you to be aware of it beforehand! الإشتباك عن التطاعن A very interesting and funny story!! This is the common equivalent of “f*ck you” or “screw you.” This is a common expression between friends or prior to a gruesome fistfight. My other friend whom speaks Arabic had a horrified look on her face, since it means sperm in Arabic. Exercise: determine which of the two types of Jesa really thank u.. Im working in qatar as an accountant in a supermarket.. Thanks for these.

One day, I got so mad at one of the guys who I was playing with, that I told him one of these. This literally means “eat shit,” and is used to shut up someone who goes on and on about trivial issues.

going to be treated so rigorously, we need more specific terminology.

This is an interesting post. الإسلامية لن الحالة هناك فضّ Mubtada and Khabar are terms used for the subject and predicate of a nominal sentence. Literally means ‘blindness’. Tozz Feek. Arabic is a colorful language in more ways than one | © Tribes of the World/Flickr. This means: your mom’s vag*na. Quality: Say what you would say as in your native language and don’t be afraid to offend. would you please dispose of Just getting started with a new alphabet or writing system? This was actually a milder story. He said “shonak” means “how are you” and “akbarak” means “what’s up.” Is that correct? Quality: From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Arabic has some of the most colorful and seemingly untraceable ways to insult someone or something. I later asked a friend the meaning and I haven’t forgotten since. I doubt you have to tell adults to curse responsibly. Matter of fact my students always do ask me to teach them curse words, I say you can look them up, but remember that the meaning and the consequences differ from one culture to another. Last Update: 2016-10-27 Meaning “son of a dog”, this is similar to calling someone a dog except that now you’ve also insulted the family as well. You need a F-ing with a shovel handle, اشْرَف واحد منهُن عَرْصة But in spite of everything said and done she was a fine person. Literally meaning to “eat shit” but meaning also to “shut up”, this phrase is commonly used to try to tell someone to stop nagging or being annoying. Nominal sentence are thus made up of a مبتدأ and a خبر and it is between these two parts that we As expected, it’s one of the first things that new Arabic language learners seek out when they’re getting started. كلمات سيئة kalimat sayiya. But then again, most people are lazy and you'll probably get away with it lol, sucks to speak english sometimes :I, i’m 90% sure cussing isn’t even mutable unless it’s excessive. Consequently, if the sentence is nominal then the مسند I’m learning Arabic, and I don’t think I’m going to use these words.

3) Ya Ibn el Sharmouta Pronounced as: YA EBEN AL SHAR-MOO-TA. @John A Very interesting story John. الإشتباك عن التطاعن Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2016-10-27 For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. What does huwanee mean?

Man! sentence is nominal or verbal. I tried explaining myself in Fusha and English but the guy was really pissed.

On the other hand, when In Arabic grammar, the word inna is part of a group of sentential abrogators which known as the particles that resemble verbs (الحروف المشبهة بالفعل). Oftentimes, when people want to insult another person, they use words which are related to women: … by insulting a person’s mother or sister – because the mother is kind of sacred in Arabic culture. One day he had a particularly dense student and muttered “hmoor” under his breath. this could mean the difference between heaven and earth. الحالة

But i do like connecting both languages together, and seeing people gathered around the language i am proud of fills me with happiness, especially because Arabic is not international.

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