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When I finish a good painting, I’m often a little bit emotional. Why the move from stand-up comedy and books into art? Do’s show Anh’s Brush with Fame is considered by many as one of ABC’s best programs. Had it framed, looks terrific.”, “We received the print and my husband loved it. Steve Lopes, By Lucy Hawthorne, By Go off to memorise clause 1.3.1 subclause 1.7 of Contracts Law or sit around sketching nude women? Welcome to Anh Do's Official Art Site. 4. At the end of the day – if it’s a bad painting, I slash it and it goes in the bin. Probably a thousand artists – I do own over 1000 art books. It’s probably the best print reproduction I’ve seen close up.”, “We love our Winter print. I have no idea what’s going to happen when I chuck the next brushload of paint onto the nose of a portrait, let alone predict the future of my body of work. His autobiography “The Happiest Refugee” was named Australian Book of the Year and each of his “Weir Do” children’s book titles have been national bestsellers.

Anh Do’s life has been full of challenges and, from humble beginnings, he has thrived on making his own destiny.

Let us know in the comments below. Sometimes you wake up in the morning, you think about the bills, the stress, the hassles … and you think “what am I doing?” But if you just keep going and accept that the doubt, the fear, the mistakes are all part of the journey, you give yourself permission to be at peace with the ups, the downs and the in-betweens. So painting teaches me to keep going. By I would definitely recommend buying an Anh Do print from your store. What has been the most difficult part of putting on your first show and exhibiting professionally? Louise Martin-Chew, Courtesy the artist and Olsen Irwin Gallery, David Horton, Dale Miles, Stephanie Monteith. Anh Do (born 2 June 1977) is a Vietnamese-born Australian author, actor, comedian, and painter. At 13 years of age I promised myself that I’d buy my mum a house as soon as I left school so that we’d never be hassled by landlords again.

It wasn’t even a close contest.

At the end of year 12, I scored 98 in the HSC which allowed me to study law at university.

“A lot of being a comedian is about observing people. I feel like some of the great artists still reach down and connect with us, “give to us” even though they left us hundreds of years ago. How planned are your images? It’s now become a main feature in our living room.”, “The print arrived in perfect condition and in very good time after purchase.

I can guess, but I’ll probably be wrong. The art print is even more amazing than we hoped.”, “I’m really pleased with the quality of the JC print. It’s all a big game of chance. Anh Do is a storyteller.

Luckily these days, there’s more good than bad, and I’m truly thankful for that. When I was at school, I wasn’t great at writing or performing or anything like that but I was actually pretty good at art.

T. There’s an intuitive sensibility in the way June Tupicoff has approached her art-making. I heard that lawyers make plenty of money so I decided that’s what I wanted to be, never once questioning whether it was the correct path for me. Rembrandt and Soutine are still giving to us. It really is punishment, mistake after mistake.

The print is amazing. The act of painting for me is a strange mix of bliss mixed with incredible torture. 1. That’s what interests me,” Do said.

Art is an important part of his life – for him it’s serious business. Get all the latest Over60 news, offers and articles. “We received the print and my husband loved it. “Our Lion print starts a conversation as soon as anyone sees it, and not because it has been on TV, but because it is just a bloody beautiful piece of work.”, “The actual quality of the print is exceptional!

Painter Julian Meagher is seeking calm with his new exhibition ‘Sleepwalking’ at Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane. Welcome to Anh Do's Official Art Site. David Horton, Dale Miles and Stephanie Monteith make a persuasive case for artists following their curiosity irrespective of fashion. Do chance and spontaneity play a part in your work? Not just, ‘what do you do for a living?’ but I want to know about their fears and sadnesses and listen to their regrets, both sides of it, the happy and the sad.”. Short, Tecoma, VIC Right now, he’s on track. And along the way, I sacrificed my love of making art. Anh Do’s portrait of Samuel Johnson. Michael Vale’s paintings contain a melange of art historical references and symbols, from pipe-smoking dogs and skeletons, to surreal landscapes. The program features comedian Anh Do painting a portrait of a celebrity while interviewing his subject.. Do is an accomplished artist, having won art prizes previously and been a finalist in the prestigious Archibald Prize. If I was asked to do another painting exactly the same, I’d fail miserably. Michelle Payne is a big name in Australian horse racing. The print is amazing. Where do you see your work heading in the future? I ended up skipping just about all my law classes so that I could attend my art classes. It hurt to watch the other guys go off to paint and draw, and I’d go off to physics or four-unit maths or something else I hated.

To tell his stories, he isn’t restricted to one medium – he is a comedian, author, TV personality and artist. Anh Do is a storyteller. He/she is probably thinking about their own mother, or maybe their son or daughter, and I’ll feel a connection with them. Anh Do invites captivating Australians into his painting studio for an in-depth conversation that will inform how he will represent them on the canvas. My wife has a theory that because I own over 1000 art books, and I’m obsessed with art, maybe some of it has sunk in, maybe it’s in my subconscious. So all through school, getting the marks for law was the absolute focus. “These guys that I’ve painted, they’ve lived a full life and they’ve had their ups and downs and it shows in their eyes.

Proving a few people wrong in the art world isn’t the hardest part of the challenge he has set himself – it’s meeting his own tough standards of being the best possible painter. I have four to five hours of painting, then I need to pick them up at 2.30pm. Yeah, I was 23, had worked as a comedian for nearly two years, saved up every penny for a deposit, and bought mum one of the most beautiful houses in the suburb – lucky for me houses in that suburb were very cheap.

How have you noticed your painting process develop, and what does the act of painting bring to you personally? Eventually comedy came along and wiped everything else out.

Art is an important part of his life – for him it’s serious business. It’s really difficult because I don’t want to sell a single painting from the show because they are the ones I love. I pretty much just “let go” and chance does the rest. I paint portraits because I’m interested in people. 2017 Oil on linen Signed limited edition print for sale. But I keep going, and more times than not, the end result is something I’m quite okay with. We have an exchange, the guy on the stage, the person in the audience … we share a connection that’s incredibly intimate for two people who have never met properly.

“But somewhere along the line in school I stopped taking art classes because people told me if you want to get high marks in the school certificate don’t do art.”. If I don’t finish a painting within that time, they might just come home into the garage and “help dad out”. Just recently I’ve been learning to appreciate more of life’s “in-betweens”. But at the end of the day if I was forced to choose, I’d have to say my favourite three are Van Gogh, Goya and Rembrandt.

Emma-Kate Wilson, By

That almost always results in disaster.

Photographer Tony Lopes.

I love walking into a second-hand book shop and discovering some old German expressionist I’ve never heard of. Anh Do’s portrait of Kyle Sandilands. So most of my paintings are done very quickly, very instinctively. The ones I don’t love are at the tip, and so opening night comes, and there I am with With most of my paintings I want to give up a thousand times. The quality is fantastic and being hand signed and numbered makes it special. Chris Langlois has been painting dreamy, abstract landscapes for almost thirty years. The quality is fantastic and being hand signed and numbered makes it special. Scroll through the gallery above to see some of Anh Do’s most fascinating portraits from Anh’s Brush with Fame. 2017 Oil on linen Signed limited edition print for … I’ve always been fascinated by people, their dreams, desires, fears, regrets, their sadness. Anh Do is an Australian author, comedian and artist. Has it always been a part of your being or is it another creative outlet? He has appeared on many Australian TV shows such as Thank God You’re Here, Anh Does Vietnam and Dancing with the Stars. I have no idea. Get the latest Over60 news, offers and articles. I mostly have no idea what I’m doing.

It’s not something one would expect a successful comedian, performer and writer at the height of his career to do – turn his hand to painting. Thanks again for a great gift.” B. The truth is that I take the kids to school at 9am. Do’s show Anh’s Brush with Fame is considered by many as one of ABC’s best programs. Be prepared to be dazzled by Linda Marrinon. all the paintings that I want to keep … and I’m seeing them for the last time. Gallery; Shop; Bio; FAQs; Contact; Cart 0. Twilight.

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