alonetraveler and selozar


Share. Personality . This was really fun to make, and if anything else comes up, count on me to update you guys on it. "Shameful. SELOZAR is one of the millions playing, creating and exploring the endless possibilities of Roblox. Their Twitter account has been hijacked by a mysterious character named BARON. 4.8K 85 95. Selozar has allegedly committed crimes such as murder and treason. "Wooah dude." Äezōre, Föjall, Milsuar, and Zetōzar. He claims he has the ability to change what his skin looks like. Selozar has allegedly attempted to murder. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It has been briefly mentioned through one of Albert’s visits that Selozar can switch places with the ominous ‘black fire’. SELOZAR can grow to irregular sizes when the floor goes 'weird' according to Albert. There was a time when he would randomly grow larger and then back to normal size, but that problem has since been "solved.". SELOZAR is Petramian and part Guardian, giving him the appearance of a small guardian. I wanted to share some theories I had with The Districts myth (otherwise known as the AT or AloneTraveler myth, even though it has more characters. you can still ship this im just pointing that out Around 30 Earth Rotations prior to invasion. My cut is bleeding and I have a lifeless body on the ground! While he was in captivity, SELOZAR … AloneTraveler is sweating and says "I-I'm fine." Selozar barely uses his Twitter because he is uncomfortable with some comments that are being made about him. SELOZAR and Omen have also been very quiet since BARON had invaded their Twitter account (Overall, SELOZAR was inactive even before BARON took over). All together, we have confirmed SELOZAR has been hiding something and it may involve what's to come soon. I don't know … Zetōzar could not save them all. WARNING: This section of the article may contain disturbing topics regarding abuse. DISTRICTS theories! His personality seems to be quiet and scared of AloneTraveler. A rendered version of their current outfit (via Aragk) They used a simple tunnel to escape. Place Visits However, SELOZAR has stated his suspicions that Omen is using him for something. SELOZAR has said before that he cannot die. Not much recently has been known of what Omen and Selozar are up to. He is all black with light grey stripes, and snowy looking dots. 2/21/2020. I said and continued to grab Selozar's hand and walk downstairs. Selozar was confirmed half guardian through a blood test. Black statues named Guardians fell from the sky and began killing every one of the citizens. Some of his clothes are named after rocks or hard materials (ie Concrete, Tile, etc.) Abuse The guest Soft Side DINNER TIME- is ruined. a juice box- but theres a twist What the heck bro, … While he was in captivity, SELOZAR was shifty and nervous. He can, however, feel the torture and pain. SELOZAR can be seen wearing a Red Roblox Cap, a t-shirt called "Empty", and attire known as the "MeathCloth" made by Alone. I let go when we're at the bottom and sit down, Albert says "What the cheese happened?" Join Date Technical Selozar has escaped with a woman named The Omen. Our supposed theory is that on March 2nd, a prophecy will take place.

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