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My brothers RCF had some influence. Do NOT buy this car new. It just rubbed me the wrong way how people in there were denigrating the G70 when most or all of them had never even driven one. And my car is a 2017. It's soft and forgiving enough with minimal body roll. Truth is, we have no idea how well these cars will hold up over time. I didn't have the ti sport(mine was the ti qv4), still the cars handling was stunning to stay the least. I guess it's a common theme with the new B9 S5. The hate is strong within in the alfa community. Braking is very good and consistent with this car. High performance track pads would fix this with ease. In fact, they are among the better cars that I have ever owned. For some reason, Alfa Romeo limits power in first gear, which is the greatest reason it only scores a mid 5 in the 0-60 run. Also the awd version was amazing in the snow as well :). I don't think you would regret driving or owning this car, but you may not want to hit the canyon roads as often as other cars on this list. The 2019 Genesis G70 Is the Newest Luxury Sport Sedan, Real World Review: 2019 Genesis G70 on Everyman Driver, 2019 Genesis G70 First Drive | Review | Edmunds, 2019 Genesis G70 Review - The Car Lexus Should Have Built. I totaled my Guilia last week :(. The Giulia obliterates all cars mentioned here in fuel economy though, with most people getting 35mpg in Advanced Efficiency mode on the highway. Handling is about as sterile as it gets compared to this group. Sporty, fun-to-drive character A well-equipped S5 configures to about $62k new. Hey 50jae. The Quad is faster feeling and more engaging but that's to be expected. Genesis got almost everything right with the new G70. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The transmission seems to work really well for this car, but again I haven't been able to get my hands on it. If you want to go fast without saying holy shit, then it's the perfect car for you. Instead, I’d have to drive to Yuma, AZ or Las Vegas to look at the single car in inventory at the time of writing this. 2019 Genesis G70 – On paper this car is as good as it gets for performance versus value, while not sacrificing modern technology with the latest bells and whistles. Of all the stock and optional car audio systems I’ve heard, Lexus’ Levinson is 2nd and Audi’s B&O comes third. • Other notes: It's not a bad car. The 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia is one of the newest compact luxury sedans in the segment that prioritizes driving performance over everything else.Minor revisions to feature availability. Personally, I think the interior comes across as the highest quality of the bunch. New C43s start in the high 50s but most of the ones you'll find at the dealer are in the 60s. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 400 horsepower with a ridiculously large fuel tank and good fuel efficiency to boot. Unnecessary brake-based handling “aid,” short on rear-seat legroom. Like the S5 I haven't had any back issues over long periods of time on the highway. The Audi’s (particularly the S6) I felt had all the excitement engineered out of them. That thread has a pretty high count. Great write up. For one, the GS F is one of the worst depreciating cars in over a decade. That coupled with the fact that it was one of the best looking sedans on the road made me feel like I owned a discount Ferrari :). Minimal dive, great pedal firmness, and they seem pretty durable with spirited driving. Sleek interior cabin styling I'm pretty sure you can find new 18s for some good prices right now once your insurance comes through. Excellent handling Cubby space and the cup holders are my biggest complaint on the interior. Compare the 2020 Genesis G70 2.0T 4dr Rear-wheel Drive side-by-side against the 2020 Acura TLX 3.5L 4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan and the 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti 4dr All-wheel Drive Sedan. Exceptional on-road dynamics After going through that list, the GSF is it for me, probably late next year. Not to mention FWD. When you can get a 400 horsepower sedan for about $46,000 with a solid Nissan motor, what's not to love? • Other notes: It's hard not to like this car. I think it’s a screaming value, especially considering the used market for ISFs. Last bit: The Sportback design kicks ass. Pros • Performance/Handling/Braking: Low 4-second 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times show this car can consistently break into the 12s. Another complaint is the cup holders, which are placed so close to the front dash that two large capacity cups fight for space and often bump against or even block HVAC/seat climate buttons. Good to see a former Giulia owner here. I actually like the the 8speed in the RC F more than the 10 on the LC. Using a rear-wheel-drive setup shared with the Kia Stinger, the G70 is aimed squarely at the legendary BMW 3-series. • Other Notes: Honestly, I really like this car. “This is how you introduce a new luxury vehicle to the market”. The transmission is the finest of the bunch, with the ZF8 seeming to be tuned and programmed by the Gods. Don't bother. Can't lease them. Mid 50s is certainly amazing. The top is only for your navigation system that does not support Apple or Android phones. • Other thoughts: Elephant in the room: Reliability! Cons are the interior sucks compared to the Merc and you're not getting a true DCT like the BMW. There's a million more things I could say about most cars here but didn't want to ramble too much. The 2.0 engine can't keep up with the twin-turbo V6 cars on the highway, although it's not too far behind. I would have probably bought the GS F if the infotainment system wasn't so bad, as that V8 can be intoxicating. With the LC, you're easily paying 20k for that exotic styling. Sensuous shape There isn't much passion here, but if you want more tech per dollar than any other car, it's either this or the Genesis G70 (more on that later). I've driven both extensively. They are opinions after all. Oh wait, it is! CVT is all you need to know about the Maxima, 2019 G70 Prestige Red/Gray Interior 3.3T AWD. The acceleration times are great, yet this car feels like a dog with normal driving. I just flashed the ECU with the EuroCompulsion P1 tune and it's even better now. ), Transmission, cruise and audio controls on steering wheel, Universal Remote Transmitter (For Garage Door, Security System, Etc. I wouldn’t expect too many headaches with long-term ownership of this car unless you factor in dismal depreciation if you purchased new. Detail Comparison - Genesis G70 3.3T Dynamic 2019 - vs - Alfa Romeo Giulia Sport 2019, their videos (reviews, off-road, commercials, crash tests) and images, Features,Price, Specifications, difference Luckily, AWD is available for those in cold climates or fearful of low speed wet-weather driving. ^ that is pretty ironic. The Giulia’s 2.0 turbo 4 cyl. Lastly, steering. The 2019 Genesis G70 Is A Sports Sedan That Can Thrash Its German Rivals! Classifieds. By the time 2019 rolls around, a lot of the hype and demand will wean off a bit, hurting what should have been a successful launch. If you can get passed the reduced driving dynamics and limited infotainment system, you'll probably enjoy this car. Sure the Maxima is a nice sporty-ish family car, but it's not even in the same league as the G70. Expect more trips to the gas station than normal. Perhaps it's the market reacting to an overpriced car. Depends how bored of the SS I am in a couple years. Fuel efficiency is the lowest of the bunch here, but also with the highest weight, largest in size, and with the highest horsepower so that’s expected. The engine sounds good, even the exhaust note from the outside. The transmission has been upgraded to handle a lot more torque, but it's the same core transmission as the older G37s, the FX35, etc. Genesis Calendar Competition 1G Hyundai Genesis Sedan Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2G Hyundai Genesis Sedan Hyundai Equus Genesis G70 Genesis G80 Genesis G90. The car feels planted and responsive. The authentic intake noise often overpowers the timid exhaust. The layout is excellent though, with ergonomics and functionality clearly having priority over all else. The chassis is honestly really nice and the car exhibits minimal body roll. MrMegadeth on here also used to have a Alfa Giulia. If you set everything to comfort, the ride quality is still more than adequate, but this doesn't feel like a canyon carver. Exceptional warranty Thanks for sharing. Curious as to your thoughts on the IS350. Android Auto, Apple Car Play, smart lighting features, heads-up display, active safety tech, around view monitor (parking/camera), Lexicon sound, wireless charging, adjustable driver--seat smart cushioning system, etc.

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