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CCV Shop software webshop, Air Arms S410 Tuning Regulator By Huma-Air. Huma-Air pressure regulator for the Air Arms S410 airrifle. its not a s410 tdr its a s410 carbine ive just brought it dont know much about them. Uw richt-oog zit direct achter uw kijker en dat heeft vrijwel geen enkele concurrent. An FAC version is finally here!

Note that, although the Air Arms S410 TDR air rifle can be fired without the rear stock attached, it will only fire at an extremely low muzzle velocity. They offer great accuracy, power levels and consistency often less than 20 fps from a string of 35 shots. Now, that's what a LOT of people have been waiting for. Uw richt-oog zit direct achter uw kijker en dat heeft vrijwel geen enkele concurrent. High pressure range:       100-170 bar for all FAC rifles from .177, .22 and .25. The Air Arms S410 TDR air rifle is fitted with a two-stage trigger. 18 FPE. The stock is a two piece configuration to accommodate the take down facility. I also enjoy reading everyones comments and views. However the bolt handle does have to be pulled right back – beyond the click – otherwise the trigger will not be set, even though a pellet has been loaded into the barrel. The case. If you can afford one, you won't be travelling to your shooting ground on the bus. Got a question? Click here to read Privacy Policy. Air Arms Take Down Rifle is a great idea for airgunners who travel with their guns. i need to bay air arm Bag for air arms TDR 410 s, can anyone show me from where can i bay it? The Air Arms S410 TDR air rifle tested by HAM was fitted with a Hawke Vantage IR 3-9x40AO scope and two-piece rings. The action section is pure S410 territory, with the same bolt operation and magazine assembly.

AIR ARMS S410 TDR The S410 TDR is quite simply a S410 with all that has to offer, but it will also break down into 3 separate parts in less the 20 seconds, it will also fit into a conveniently supplied 35” discreet backpack. We ship on your behalf and therefore Huma Air can not be held responsible for any legal issues in the country of the recipient. For example, as an Amazon Associate, HAM earns from qualifying purchases if you buy by clicking-through from that link. The Air Arms Fields would be my choice - and usually are these days for hunting with a PCP. The barrel is a Walther of just over 14 inches in length (with an accuracy enhancing choked muzzle I believe). Very nice to shoot.

The straight-through stock design is ridiculous. Buttstock quickly but securely attaches to the gun.

Hope this helped. Join the Pyramyd Air mailing list and receive 10% off your next purchase. My recent XS 19 and my present latest HW 95 would be considered FX Crown Continuum Air Rifle Test Review .22 Caliber, Umarex Origin – It’s The Best First PCP Air Rifle. Airgun safety is no accident. The Lothar Walther barrel of the TDR clearly was not happy with light weight pellets of 7 grains and below.

The Nova Vista HP-M1000 Multi Pump PCP Air Rifle.
They appreciate that the true requirement for hunting is the muzzle energy produced by an air rifle, not the maximum muzzle velocity.

The forend incorporates a pistol grip that is large enough to accommodate most hand sizes and is stippled to aid the hold. Our advice for choosing the best pressure range for your Huma regulator: Low pressure range:        60-110 bar for 16 Joule / 12 ft/lbs models.

It seems significantly less noisy than a Benjamin Discovery – for example – but obviously waaaaay louder than our benchmark for silent shooting, the Benjamin Marauder. Review must be approved by an administrator before being posted. Undoubtedly made by Italian stock makers Minelli, the two=piece stock is pleasingly-shaped and comfortable to use. Seriously, if you want a compact gun that is easy to maneuver in the woods, yet you dislike the looks of the bullpups, or simply want a gun that is compact to store - this is a gun for you. The Air Arms S410 is a working combination of clinical accuracy, reliability and classic styling. It is accurate, reliable, versatie and reasonably priced. Copyright © Hard Air Magazine. Our e-mails are filled with new products, deals, sneak peeks, tips and tricks, contests and more - sign up today! Very very happy with this gun and Fotheringham Gun shop top service.

The trigger unit is an improved version of the old, having a crisper and readable let off that is achieved by the addition of another internal trigger sear. The bolt operation is fine, not my favourite, but none the less positive and trouble free. But that potentially-wonderful case is also, unfortunately – the main source of weakness with the TDR, as we see it. Things I liked: take down factors in nicely, 10 shot repeter, Air Arms quality. In fact the only way that will happen is if it's permantly or Compleet met snel plaatsbare demper in een mooi tasje. What others should know: The whole thing is pretty compact when taken down. An un-regulated pre charged air rifle has a power curve, so maybe, if you filled to a lower pressure to start with you'd get the performance you want without having to shoot off the excess pressure first. It’s nothing like the buttery-smooth action of Air Arms sidelever actions, but is not objectionable in use. Appreciate your comment Pat, you are absolutely right in principle but I wasn't in a position to try before I bought, I live in a remote part of the Highlands approx 2.5 hours from the nearest AA stockist. That’s not what we would expect, but the data is clear….
I'm eighty this year but can't give up Also you are choosing the TDR 'take down rifle' version. and I am thinking of getting another TDR . JSB Diabolo Jumbo Express Pellets .22 Cal, There’s Still Time – Just – To Register For EBR 9.5. The rear butt section is really only a central shaft to which a Walnut cheek piece is attached to give good eye alignment. Things I would have changed: Offer this in a .177 Open sights as an option, and the bottom acc. 7/10, Hi, iam looking at the AA S410 TDR it will be my first gun and i would like for some suggestion on this rifle. over 900 fps. The silencer on my TDR keeps dropping off. One thing to note is that the scope dovetails of the TDR are rather short – just 3.75-inches long, so some care is necessary when mounting the scope to achieve the correct eye relief for the shooter. If you click on the schematics tab it shows the part numbers for the .177 #BS082 and 22 caliber # BS083 for left hand bolts. What a great alternative to bullpups. What others should know: Machining is top shelf, super accurate partly due to the pellet time in barrel because of it rather short length. The Air Arms S410 TDR air rifle is not widely available in brick and mortar retail stores. Mag weg voor 700 euro incl bi-pod. Air Arms S410 PCP Air Rifle The S410 is the multi-shot derivation of the S400.

make it possible to operate a pump again, (despite arthritis in my right hand!) Once it’s fully loaded with ten rounds you just pull back on the bolt again and slide the mag home. One of the golden rules for any purchase, especially secondhand, is to try before you buy. Tony would you please tell me that how much shots it fires by one full fill.................................... Not true, airgun moderators are imported all of the time into the US. A simple modification to your air rifle what will result in excellent shooting behavior and very consistent pelletspeed. It is also equipped with a clear pressure scale label, so you can very easy re-adjust or fine tune the pressure setting suitable to your wishes. I love this rifle but I do have a problem with the magazine is perchest two spareasons one's and after about 100 shots with each one the rubber ring that holds the pellets in place snapped has anyone else had the problem and mite know what may cause this to happen. You can find out more about how we use cookies here. For questions, contact the Publisher, Stephen Archer. The raised sight line is impractical with the pronounced trajectory of an air rifle. 8/10 Unfortunately due to housing schemes and railways being built i have very little land that i can hunt on now so have to sadly sell it but this is one amazin rifle.

The first stage is rather short and light. Het kan mogelijk deze of andere websites niet correct weergeven.

Click here to read about proper airgun and airsoft gun safety measures. De S400 is ontwikkeld met dezelfde zorg en precisie als haar 10-schots stalgenoot (S410). No silencer.

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