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I currently have NCS01-1.0.12 firmware on my GT784WN. (To identify your Actiontec product, look for the model number. It is located on the FCC sticker, found on the bottom or back of the product. Typically the model number is in the sticker's upper right-hand corner.). My internet has been extremely slow, often really non-functional CenturyLink seems unable to correct this except to have me disconnect power, wait, reconnect, which works for a while. It has only a file named "bcm96328GW_fs_kernel" -- so it's either the wrong file or the right file with wrong name. I would recommend updating to the .14 firmware. I don't need WPS. On a PC, go to After about 30 minutes on the phone with them, yup - the modem is fried (which I could have told you before I called). Privacy | Was … Unable to open the upgrade. Where can I find more information or documentation or support for the C3000A? You should not load an ISP Specific Firmware Upgrade on to a gateway that currently has an NCS version installed. Is there a Firmware Update for my Actiontec device?

Waited about 5 minutes.

The reset information was only applicable to upgrading from NCS01-1.0.2 to NCS01-1.0.8. Already ruled out the internet provider and hardwiring. If you are 100 percent positive no malware on any devices, have century link check the line coming to house. Experienced intermittent drops in connectivity. Can you tell us more about your setup and what/how you have each device connected to the GT784WN? Your thoughts? (To identify your Actiontec product, look for the model number. Do I need to update the firmware (any problem with KRACK Vulnerability)? Why do I have to power cycle my GT784WN to get Internet access? How to restore the C3000A to factory default settings. Why there is no support for WCB3000N's purchased from vendors on Amazon. For H/W 2C, what I NOTE : If the firmware version number is RED this would indicat e a recently released update. Browse to the support section and download the latest firmware. Our Numbers Where can I … Any ideas on how to resolve? Mac users using Safari may need to disable the 'Open 'safe' files after downloading' option before downloading this file. If not when will annex m be implemented on the gt784. How to enable multiplayer gaming using the GT784WN Wireless DSL Modem. Once you see that a new upgrade is available at that point you will have to navigate to the product page for that device and find the "Firmware" section and follow the steps there to download and install that update. Using a GT784WN router through CenturyLink in Kingston WA. SWEET! What is the speed that you are supposed to be receiving? Then I called customer service and waiting forever only to speak to someone with such a strong accent I could barely understand them. select 'Save'.

We have verified the user settings will not reset when upgrading from any version after NCS01-1.0.8 firmware. If you are still having troubles locating a firmware or a device let us know below in the comments section. Why does the REBOOT function not work in webpage when connected to the GT784wn? According to ActionTec support staff, H/W: 2A shipped with firmware and will need to upgraded. You have to request from them through their tech support page. This firmware does not allow the modem to do Annex M mode. Error message "image not recognized". You have to find your model number down the left side of the page in the blue sections. Fix your firmware to automate this.

It is recommended to upgrade to the NCS01-1.0.14 firmware. How can I test the MoCA adapters for functionality? Are other issues resolved by 1.0.14 or is there an earlier version of firmware (1.0.13 ?)

Observation: Since the .ZIP is about the same size as the .IMG, there doesn't seem to be much point in putting in an archive in the first place -- just one more place to make a mistake like the one that occurred. This Firmware upgrade resolves issues with enabling and disabling the WPS feature. This upgrade something I should do? Does "Actiontec, Model: SBWD100A" firmware v1.3.15.0 support miracast function HDCP2.3? Extract the zip file, and copy both MWTV3TX.img and install.img to the top directory of a USB

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