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Joy Seeker: Let Go of What’s Holding You Back So You Can Live the Life You Were Made for, Adventures for Your Soul: 21 Ways to Transform Your Habits and Reach Your Full Potential, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country’s Foremost Relationship Expert, The Proximity Principle: The Proven Strategy That Will Lead to a Career You Love, Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth, The Leader In You: How to Win Friends, Influence People and Succeed in a Changing World. /SA true I cannot stress enough the importance of taking responsibility. Put a stop to self-sabotage and overcome your fears so that you can gain the confidence you need to reach your goals and become your own best friend. <<4649F64BD7BFC143A618967F4965E3C7>]/Prev 631085>> Just the opposite. 1 2 . ",#(7),01444'9=82. Take responsibility without beating yourself up. << Accepting yourself is about being at peace with all aspects of your being. %PDF-1.3 %���� You can overcome issues with low self­ esteem. Shannon Kaiser learned the secrets to loving herself, finding purpose, and living a passion-filled life after recovering from eating disorders, drug addictions, corporate burnout, and depression. $.' To be self accepting is to be on your own side, to be for yourself and to love yourself. Shannon takes you on this great journey into self-love and true self-acceptance. About The Power Of Accepting Yourself Writer Another option is to learn to accept yourself. << You have to break this barrier that is keeping you from connecting and accepting yourself, and keeping you from being content. /Filter /DCTDecode If you still have trouble in accepting responsibility for yourself, return to Step 1 and begin again.! [PDF] [EPUB] The Self-Love Experiment: Fifteen Principles for Becoming More Kind, Compassionate, and Accepting of Yourself Download by Shannon Kaiser. 0000001428 00000 n 0000011079 00000 n >#å>�H�͜2��rd?�q�ݝ�^I�7eAd��گ�(�ED�Y��Tb1��AOS�G' ��:������T~t�0:۵�-b.HD�JhVƼ�#"J�b;S����3]:KoL�X���YϑɁ�-@6HMc�JH����@����4\96MO��>�X��5L ��g�fP. 79 25 You may call this your soul or inner being. endobj /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /Width 300 So let’s go over some of the great ways you can do that. 0000023951 00000 n /Height 457 Don’t be shy to yourself, at first you may find it awkward and cringy but do it anyway! 4 0 obj [/Pattern /DeviceRGB] Whether you want to achieve weight loss, land your dream job, find your soul mate, or get out of debt, it all comes back to self-love and accepting yourself first. 0000002449 00000 n 0000002103 00000 n 0000001613 00000 n You can read this before The Self-Love Experiment: Fifteen Principles for Becoming More Kind, Compassionate, and Accepting of Yourself PDF EPUB full Download at the bottom.

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