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Which is NOT a correct statement regarding the automatic shut-down device for a permanently installed Genset? Crafts, and Supplement SA, Marine Power Converters/Inverters and Power Converter/Inverter Systems, need not meet UL 1236 as referenced in ABYC A-20, Battery Charging Devices. A-25.5.2 Output voltage and frequency shall be in accordance with ABYC E-8, Alternating Current (AC) Electrical … 1. What tensile force must a 10 Gauge crimp connector withstand for one minute? At what CCA do you have a disconnect switch? DC grounded conductors on new boats that are also equipped with AC systems should use what color insulated wire? Which of the following metals may exhibit two distinct corrosion potentials (and occupy two different positions on the galvanic scale) depending on the composition of the electrolyte, other environmental factors, and/or surface conditions of the metal itself? If there is not a standard current rating overcurrent protection device equal to 100% of the allowable current for an AC branch circuit, the next larger standard current rating may be used provided it does not exceed _______ of the maximum allowable current . Which is correct? T or F: magnetic transformers with integrated secondary-side overcurrent protection and automatically resetting thermal overload protection are ABYC compliant. Deep cycle or cranking? A RELAY/SELENOID IS SOMETIMES USED AS A ___________IN LONGER WIRING RUNS, 1. T or F: Pigtails less than 7 inches (175mm) in length are exempt from overcurrent protection requirements. Which technician is correct? What is a possible problem with installing a new solid state Voltage regulator to replace a manual one? 1. Technician A says that the batteries must be in a vented box and secure. C. Excessive voltage drop across the remote starter switch. c. When connected in series AmpHrs is increased. According to ABYC, what is the minimum battery reserve capacity? ... Tech A says the ABYC has pull-test requirement for wiring connecting the generator to onboard circuits. 613 Third Street, Suite 10   -   Annapolis, MD 21403   -   Phone: 410.990.4460   -   Fax: 410.990.4466, Membership Management Software Powered by, The study guides are not included with the proctored testing so they will have to be. ) What is its peak value? We can help you each step of the way. (Note: some residential breakers are not trip free). The study guides are not included with the proctored testing so they will have to be purchased separately. A customer notes a reverse-polarity problem. The most common electrical circuit problem in marine applications is: The primary by-product of excessive electrical resistance is: What is the preferred tool for tracing shorted and open circuits? When grounding an electrical propulsion system you should always remember too... c. Checking voltage drop when engaging starter motor (Calder p. 78). It is up to the participant to schedule the date. WHICH TECH IS CORRECT? 1f an inverter also serves as a battery charger it shall also meet the requirements of: Which of the following is not a correct installation practice for an inverter installation? Transfer from one AC power source circuit to another shall be made by a make before break type switch. H��W�r�H���C��^�M��)Oy��X3U��K��$n(Rۤ�x�~����lKI^L�����ϋ% M�,&dq������çkJ�W&4�i���,����#Y��Cd\�rE��.��waj�1�_2��{k����61GhŽJSNpsp:#�^�����g�?of�[r��~1��|�#��L�����;w>]3�64w;�a�sPG�rwP���,�bI��L?���%�m���ugLL� M ��[���� Tech B says this is technically impossible. Which is correct? Batteries must be secured to prevent movement of more than ______ inches in any direction when a pulling force of _____ or _____, whichever is less, is applied through the center of gravity of the battery for how long? The heater is rated at 2500 watts. Tech A says that voltage supplied to the rotor controls the alternator output voltage. How often (in inches) shall wire bundles be supported? If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. 800 CCA or 100 Ahr (exceptions: electronic equipment with battery backed memories; safety equipment such as bilge pumps, alarms, CO detectors, bilge blowers; battery chargers; I'm pressed current systems. When combining batteries in DC installation, which statement is NOT true. 75 terms. b. Technician B says this is a dangerous situation and AC may be present in the water - immediate attention to the problem is required. When can a flat washer be used on a battery terminal? Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these Abyc Study Guide I can get now! d. Under no circumstances is this permitted. Facebook Linkedin Youtube Join ABYC Renew Donate Home About ABYC Education Ship's Store ABYC Foundation Contact Us 613 Third Street, Suite 10 - Annapolis, MD 21403 - Phone: 410.990.4460 - … Tech A says they should use all series circuits to keep the wiring clean and simple. T or F: boats with an enclosed accommodation compartment shall have an audible high bilge-water alarm. AC grounding conductors connect metallic non-current carrying parts of the electrical equipment to which other part? Many thanks. To check a voltage regulator is working properly, the best thing a technician can check: According to ABYC, maximum current carrying capacity of a 10 gauge wire, 105 degree C insulation, inside the engine room when bundled with 2 other current carrying wires would be? the gauge shall read the cylinder pressure side of the pressure regulator. XD. Start studying ABYC Practice Questions. With the generator running and AC output frequency is low, what is the probable cause? 1. The minimal battery reserve capacity in minutes for a supplied battery power, based on ABYC. What is the minimum insulation temperature rating for conductors routed inside an engine room? 11/3/2020 » 11/12/2020Interactive Online Diesel Engines Certification. �(�r����J�K�3�66e��PC�����p�q�i/��a�`4�P�{�Ve�sWaa5u]�����2E{�"+=��/�FZT-2�臨���M�ExH����g�\�������\[�$�Q�s���"x�a����Lh&L�a]�;%+���������XLs�����}�5 THE MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE VOLTAGE DROP PERMITTED FOR PANELBOARD DC FEEDERS BASED ON ABYC IS: 1. No one book or stack of books will make someone an electrical engineer or an electrician. No one book or stack of books will make someone an electrical engineer or an electrician. According to the ABYC, the shore-power grounded conductor should: If a customer complains about receiving shocks from her boat when shore power is active, the technican should first test: B. The instructions shall state that a test be made every time the cylinder supply valve is opened for use and after any events that may have affected the system such as grounding, fire, or collision. Must be protected with dielectric insulating material. Who is correct? How much current should flow through the DC grounded conductor in a 15 amp DC lighting circuit? Most marine inverters will shut down automatically when battery voltage falls below what voltage? 1500 Watts / 20 A circuit (E- What is the smallest guage wire allowed for unsheathed wire runs through the boat? Who is correct? AC RECEPTACLES MAY BE USED FOR DC SERVICE BASED ON ABYC STANDARS AS LONG AS THEY ARE. Should you ever take an ASA test, you would be taking it after completing a multiple day instructional course (for example - 8 hours of classroom lectures and 16 hours of in-the-boat practice). Define: Battery reserve capacity = the number of minutes that a new, fully charged battery at ______ degrees F can be continuously discharged at ______ amps while maintaining _____ volts (for a 12 v battery). If a generator set is equipped with a sound shield, the shield shall. Contact Casey Bates for more information. the battery charger case shall be tied to the engine negative terminal/bus, along with the negative output terminal of the battery charger, not at the battery charger case itself.. T or F: A battery charger case shall be tied to the DC negative output terminal at the battery charger. WHEN TESTING A TEMPERATURE GAUGE, THE TECHNICIAN REMOVES THE WIRE FROM THE ENGINE SENDING UNIT AND GROUNDS IT TO THE ENGINE BLOCK. Technician B says if the genset has a dry stack exhaust it is not required to have an independent pump for the cooling system. Ampacity < 20 Amps, voltage drop across terminals < 50 mV @ 20 A flow, no separation with a one-minute pull of 6 lb force. 8 AWG (using E-11 Table IX, 3% voltage drop, 40' total distance, 10 Amps). Home About ABYC Education Ship's Store ABYC Foundation Contact Us 613 Third Street, Suite 10 - Annapolis, MD 21403 - Phone: 410.990.4460 - Fax: 410.990.4466 Membership Management Software Powered by YourMembership :: Legal For 20-amp circuit? On a standard 3-conductor AC outlet, which of the two blade conductors (i.e., not the rounded GROUNDING conductor) is Hot and which is Neutral? According to ABYC, what is the maximum distance allowed between a boat's shore power connection and the main overcurrent protection device? What guage cable should be used (minimum)? There could be severe radio interference from the new device. Which AC equipment should not run & will be damaged from a 'square' or 'modified' wave inverter. T or F: most GFCI outlets can be used in a gasoline engine room. What device is typically found to satisfy the required OC protection between a battery charger and the batteries? Overcurrent protection must be located withing 7 inches of the power source unless contained within a sheath, in which case it may be up to 40 inches away. TECH A SAYS THAT WHEN THE CURRENT DOES NOT FLOW IN A CIRCUIT, THERE IS AN OPEN IN THE CIRCUIT. No smaller than 1 size below the DC current carrying conductors between the charger and batteries - provided OC protection on positive DC output is no greater than 135% of DC grounding cable ampacity and conductor is no smaller than 16 AWG. Check the voltage at the dock pedestal. Write. On a vessel with 1 charging source ABYC requires sustaining DC loads for _____ minutes: A customer has a 600 Ah 'house' battery bank and wants to recharge with the highest amperage (standard flooded batteries are being used). In order to read or download abyc study guide ebook, you need to create a FREE account. False, they must be isolated to prevent shock hazard at the unutilizd shore power connector pins. Upon receiving the proctor option and exam payment your exam information will be provided to either proctoring option.

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