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Floating in the summer sky "99 Luftballons" was an antiwar protest song written by the band's guitarist Carlo Karges. After the massive hit, whose English-language version reached No. It was written by a member of the band after watching balloons being released in West Berlin, only for them to float over the Berlin Wall. Karges had attended a Rolling Stones concert in 1982 in what was then West Berlin, where that band released hundreds of helium-filled balloons. [verse 2] 99 red balloons floating in the summer sky Panic bells, it’s red alert There’s something here from somewhere else The war machine springs to life Opens up one eager eye Focusing it on the sky Where 99 red balloons go by.

ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Kerner made a comeback in 2005 when she released a new album that returned her to the spotlight. Karges never joined another band and passed away in Germany at age 50. It was updated on September 28th 2020. 99 red balloons go by. To worry, worry, super flurry Contribution: 623 translations, 16 transliterations, thanked 1287 times, solved 111 requests, helped 64 members, transcribed 17 songs, added 3 idioms, explained 5 idioms, left 369 comments In this dust that was a city The German and English lyrics are provided for educational use only. With orders to identify Gabriele Susanne Kerner (born 24 March 1960), better known by her stage name Nena, is a German singer and actress. The song was composed by the band's keyboardist, Jörn-Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen. You and I in a little toy shop Scramble in the summer sky For more information, visit our FAQ page or Terms of Use. This site is created by Alpha History and contains 309,840 words in 407 pages.

If I could find a souvenir The song, released in Germany in February 1983, soon had a sister version in English, written by Kevin McAlea, which was released in North America in 1984. The literal, prose translations of the original German lyrics by Hyde Flippo are not from the English version sung by Nena. Ride super high tech jet fighters [verse 3] 99 Decision Street 99 ministers meet To worry, worry, super-scurry In every one a red balloon Focusing it on the sky as 99 red balloons go by, 99 decision street You may have heard the 1980s pop song "99 Red Balloons," but you may not know that it was originally a German tune. album shot up the German radio charts. Panic bells, it’s red alert MeBrainIsMelt'n September 18, 2012-23:54 +1. No infringement of copyright is implied or intended. Several songs from her "Willst du Mit Mir Gehn?"

By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, '99 Luftballons' Lyrics in German and Translation, Roy Black's Version of "Jingle Bells" in German, Learn the German Lyrics to Two Hit Songs by Die Prinzen, German and English Lyrics for Falco's Biggest Hits, Translations of 3 of Rammstein's Top Hits, Using German Music in the German Classroom, Learn How to Sing "Happy Birthday" in German, Learn the German Translation for 'Silent Night,' 'Stille Nacht', "O Tannenbaum" ("Oh Christmas Tree") Christmas Carol Lyrics, Learn German by Listening to Deutsche Schlager (German Hit Songs), How The Nursery Rhyme 'Eins, Zwei, Polizei' Can Help You Learn German, The German, Austrian, and Swiss National Anthems. Nena was the stage name of the group's lead singer (Gabriele Susanne Kerner) as well as the group itself. There’s something here from somewhere else This is it boys, this is war In the English version, for example, balloons released into the air trigger military warning systems, leading to a devastating response. Flash the message, ‘Something’s out there’ He wondered how East German or Soviet forces might react if balloons crossed the Berlin Wall, which still stood at the time. But she, Karges, and Fahrenkrog-Petersen never had another success that soared as high as the balloons, though Kerner continues to record and tour. Hyde Flippo taught the German language for 28 years at high school and college levels and published several books on the German language and culture. To clarify, and classify Everyone’s a super hero Balloons Soar, Nena Fades "99 Luftballons" was an antiwar protest song written by the band's guitarist Carlo Karges.

Though Nena (the band and singer) had a few hits after this song, "99 Luftballons" was by far its most significant success and remains a favorite in both languages. ‘Till one by one, they were gone It can be a great German language lesson to learn the lyrics of this catchy tune, which still holds up decades after its release in both languages. That song (also sung by Nena) loosely follows the German lyrics, though it is not the same as the direct English translation printed here for learning purposes. Learn the German Lyrics to '99 Luftballons'. Translation of '99 Red Balloons' by Nena from English to Persian. Opens up one eager eye This Cold War site contains articles, perspectives and sources on global events and tensions between 1945 and 1991.

من و تو در یک مغازه کوچک اسباب بازی فروشی, یک کیسه بادکنک را با پولی که داریم میخریم, در هنگام سپیده دم آنها را رها کرده تا اینکه یکی یکی ناپدید شدند, در بازگشت به پایگاه، مشکلاتی در نرم افزار, در اینجا چیزی وجود دارد که از جای دیگری است, این همان چیزی است که ما انتظارش را داشتیم, هواپیماهای جت جنگنده سوپر با تکنولوژی بالا را هدایت میکنند, در این برهوت خاکی که زمانی یک شهر بود زنده و ایستاده ام, کاش می توانستم یک یادگاری پیدا کنم تا فقط ثابت کنم زمانی در اینجا دنیایی, من به تو می اندیشم و بقیه رو به فراموشی میسپارم.
I think of you, and let it go. She rose to international fame in 1983 with the New German Wave song "99 Luftballons".

The German pop singer and group, Nena, released the international hit song in 1983 and the English version a year later. 99 ministers meet Nena have said that it's about total nuclear destruction across the world brought about by 99 red balloons. Content on these pages is © Alpha History 2019. The group broke up in 1987.

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