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When I first heard them here in the US I got excited about music again. Embarrassed to say, but I actually just recently learned about The Script. Echobelly’s Sonya Madan feels too much attention was given to her background – Melody Maker once described her as a “tiny, kickboxing Indian”. Foo fighter is a term used by World War II pilots to identify UFOs. Muse isn't in the Top Ten? Probably one of the best live bands I've EVER seen. Just saying. Seen them four times, pure class. "Oh Liam! " Verve sure deserve a top 3 spot. Here's to hoping. defiantly underrated, if they are not on this list. Their ability to have some of the most cheerful and upbeat songs, ever, as a facade to their more deeper and darker understanding of life. Saw them live two months ago and it was brilliant! First learned of them when I watched "Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging" about 5 years back, and I haven't stopped listening since. Every single song has an individual spark that just makes all their albums so unique and amazing to listen to. “The whole idea that you see black women and they should be there warbling out some Beyoncé to you – it’s [about] not being able to critique what’s in front of you because of your own ingrained prejudice.” It was Phillips who thought up Decolonise, having felt a “vacuum” existed since her teenage years in Wolverhampton, “and remembering there was literally nothing, no kind of acceptance for people like me”. Number 1 for me. I discovered them by accident, but it was the best accident I ever had. Love Jeremy and Alive. I'm not sure why they want me to spell everything incorrectly. Never recorded a bad song. Bands such as Nova Twins, Skinny Girl Diet and Sacred Paws are attracting attention, although Phillips is cautious: “It’s a long-term thing, it’s not going to change overnight.” But Ms Mohammed wonders if a flagging scene can afford to continue overlooking POC bands. Last modified on Tue 21 May 2019 10.55 BST. Vote muse fans! In my opinion: The Verve were and still are completely underestimated and stereo typed for the commercial hits only (the drugs don't work & the one with the stolen riff for example), unlike other indie bands Ashcroft and the Verve fear not to go ambient in an alternative way which is something that's been missing from Indie since Pink Floyd. His music is beautiful and the lyrics are amazing. Number ONE on my list! Even though every 90's alternative list seems to put Nirvana on top with good reason, but there is no reason Red Hot Chile Peppers should be any worse than 2. The Cure is number what now?! I like a lot here on the list! I'd love to see them live. With The Background, God of Wine, Narcolepsy, Blinded, Semi Charmed Life, Jumper, What's it going to be, Wounded, Alright Caroline, and many others, their early discography is amazing. Awkward. And Noel is the best songwriter of a generation and combined with me amazing voice of Liam they made one of the greatest band. Ok Computer is one of the best albums of all time. They may not be as big as some of the others on this list, but they are quite arguably the most innovative and influential, so long as you exclude Radiohead, to be honest Radiohead shouldn't even be on this list anyway as they're not actually an Indie band. Why are these so low down? Well it was extremely fast and extremely boring. its too bad Nowell died young. ". like there about 5% indie while blur are 45% indie and are still together and all in all way better than oasis. The song are up lifting with lyrics that never fail to make me smile. And they feel good music, whenever I have a bad day just turn on Bloc Party problems solved! They're still amazing. how on earth are they on page one? The Fratellis have always been one of my favorite bands, and I've been listening to them for years! Every album from leisure to think tank was incredible.My number one, but should definitely be in the top 5X. They're songs always have a special meaning to them and many fans can reakte to them in some situation of their life. The Script is the best band ever! But MUSE not in top 10?! This is not your standard punk-rock gig, even if the scruffy venue used to be a warehouse and guitars are being liberally thrashed. The guitarist precision is astounding (Californication) and the bassist is purely amazing (Listen to Can't Stop for the best bass line of any alternative song) I can't see why Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins are above RHCP. And they are still relevant. The 1990s started out with DS-1 distortion pedal grunge bands viciously stomping on the global spandex-wearing hair-metal movement from the decade before and ceremoniously ended with the … Anyone who knows anything about British Indie bands, knows the Stone Roses were one of the most seminal and highly rated British indie bands of their time. Noel Gallagher is one of the best song writers of all time, especially during this time. The band, as said by Segre, isn't an indie rock band (and dislike being named as such) so I think they probably shouldn't be listed here. The Tuts have found themselves put on a festival’s “urban” stage alongside MCs and grime artists, while critics describe Big Joanie, an emerging black feminist punk band, as “soulful”. I have listened to Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, The Wombats and Oasis and almost everything else on this list enough to tell my opinion (so if you haven't listened to everything don't bother to comment), and I've come to the conclusion that Oasis has the most classical and rhythmic songs. Superb vocals lyrics and music. Especially with most of the original crew back together. I think Arctic Monkeys are amazing and have been my favorite band for a really long time. Their lyrics are thought provoking, their music speaks to the soul, they are everything you'd want in a band and more. Awesome band very underrated, newest album is really good. That can't be :/. I love indie rock and I think a few new bands such as the Vaccines and the Horrors should be included on here.P.S. This is the chance Noel always wanted to take the lead completely, they are a good band but entice obvious Oasis vibes ad without the "yeyaaaryeee" back of the tongue and head back whine from Liam you get a sense of something missing! The smiths are without the doubt the meaning of the word indie/alternative, unlike many of the above they actually sing about real things in life and not continuous rubbish, they are the true sense of British and influence people of all generations. And yet they remain unsigned. I grew up on them and STILL love their tunes! Few bands can churn out bangers for 3 decades straight the way Green Day has. They fall under the category of alternative metal, but that's a subgenre of metal. I'll never understand how Green Day trumps the Offspring. don't make me go to page 2! WPC is an all time musical genius. Best Alternative Bands of the '90s Here is a list of bands that I am putting in my files. All five of their albums (Sixth on the way) have awesome songs! The best grunge band, and one of the best bands. In Britpop, regarded by many as the last golden era of British guitar music, bands led by POC such as Cornershop and Echobelly again tend to be left on the story’s fringes. They were the only band at the time keeping punk rock alive. Decolonise was set up in part to confront this “whitewashing”, says organiser Jon Bellebono. Carl and Pete together are just ace and their musical skill combined with deep, meaningful lyrics makes brilliant songs that are memorable and legendary. So many catchy songs. Others are all very good and in fact really good, but they just need the harmony and experience which Oasis has had. Take, for example, the fact that Radiohead has made it to Billboard's top 100 rock songs of the 90's. Now in its second year, Decolonise festival gives a platform to musicians of colour looking to challenge prejudice and shake up a predominantly white genre, Thu 28 Jun 2018 13.18 BST They ushered in a new sound in the rock genre. The Arctic Monkeys FFS! A lot of these bands are not indie, and the ones who are aren't all that great (Libertines, Wombats etc), Bloc Party are the second most innovative band on this list (behind Radiohead who aren't indie) and every album, they change their sound, and perfect the sound they have evolved into. While Blur and Oasis are the better bands (my favorite band is blur) no one can match the swagger and vocal prowess of Richard Ashcroft. Rock on Monkeys! See what I mean? BP evolves in every new album, but still keeps the same original charm. LEGENDS! Lyrics are poetic, fun, witty. They deserve it. Their bests albums are in my opinion "OK Computer" and "In Rainbows", and if I had to recommend a song to any person in Earth will always be "Paranoid Android" that's its just a masterpiece. They write songs with meaning, passion, and soul. Take, for example, how long Radiohead has stayed in the music industry and how long the band has prospered. But, ultimately, she considers the era’s exploration of British identity as a positive one: “The scene was pretty inclusive,” she says. He's from another planet. It wasnt really the chart's fault, just how singles was promoted. like seriously :( cried when their act finished so yeah should be waaay higher up /: Am I not right In saying Muse are truly the most talented band In the world? Oh morrissey with his therapeutic voice healing the soul every time a person listens, and Johnny marr with his enduring and spirit lifting guitar playing, honestly would make anyone who actually have one bit of interest in indie music would feel like they are in heaven. For example how can be the kooks or razorlight be better? THey beat all the bands on this list just by having such a cool name! Such a good band! Great music, great lyrics. So I became a fan when they've already been mainstream. British guitar music wasn’t always so white. And Man In The Box. My favourite band of all time. Great sound. They have experimented with so many genres they have a song for everyone and Matt is probably the most talented person on the planet. Even after 10 years, they're still down to earth people and still care about their fans. Their music is uniquely Awesome. Wish I'd seen them live. In the US, bands such as Vagabon and Mitski have been breaking American indie’s white mould. Perfect blend between electric and acoustic material. Way more breadth then most of their peers could muster. Why are they so low? There amazing.

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