4x or 6x fixed power scope


They can do short-range, medium-range and long-range shooting alright but not that many can do all excellently. This fixed scope will take whatever you throw at it and come back for more. The fact is, the bigger the objective lens, the heavier the scope will be, and the more it will cost. On maximum power, you get 3.40-inches of eye relief from a scope that is 11.80-inches in length and weighs in at 15 ounces. Initially, the FX-3 6×42 was available with 4 different reticle options, but this model is currently only offered in Leupold’s Wide Duplex reticle. Along with the scope, you get a lens cover, two scope mounts for a 20mm Weaver Dovetail rail, and Allen key included. Primary Arms really took great lengths to ensure that this scope is unlike other fixed magnification scopes out there but in a good way. This is great in case you are using the scope in low visibility conditions. If you think that this type of scope is what you need then you might want to check out these nine options reviewed in this article. Here are a few 6x models that deserve an honorable mention: If you haven’t heard of Primary Arms optics, then you’re potentially missing out on some good glass at very reasonable prices. However, some might not have the same opinion and that’s okay. The “SS” stands for “Super Sniper” and this tactical scope will serve its purpose. This robust, one-piece scope is machined from 6061 grade aluminum that helps minimize moving parts and any points of failure. No other magnified optic has been used more in combat than the ACOG range. No, not really, but they will work just fine for most hunting situations. I had a Leupold M8 fixed 8x scope that I regret selling to this day. If you are looking for a 3x fixed power scope, in particular, one of the absolute best is the Monstrum Tactical 3×30 Ultra-Compact Riflescope. Most likely, it will display with some blurriness or aberration. In this respect, you need to weigh up the qualities of a scope. We move back to a well-respected optic manufacturer and up the price ladder with this Bushnell BT1040 model. This scope series would most definitely be on my list of recommended 6x power scopes, if not for the fact that Weaver has stopped producing this model. Your email address will not be published. Relate eye relief to the given recoil of your weapon and how safely you handle the gun. Cost is obviously an important factor. Their range includes handguards, optics, and rifle/shotgun accessories. As many shooters will attest to, they make quality products at attractive prices. Materials – The Bushnell Elite Tactical is a 10x fixed power scope in a … This one is from a company that may not be as well-known to shooters, but they are no fledglings! Some brands, like Vortex, have completely stopped offering any fixed power scope models at all. And by that, I mean that I have always felt that you should buy the best quality glass that you can afford within your budget, even if it means sacrificing some features to get it. As you move up in magnification, the brightness benefit increasingly favors fixed-power models. In addition, it will also prevent light from reflecting off the lens and potentially giving away your position.

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