338 remington ultra mag vs 300 win mag


It will also really do a number on really big game like elk and moose with good shot placement. The difference is that the 300 win mag will do it with a 180 grn bullet, whereas the 338 lapua will do that with a 250 grain bullet. There were no iron sights. There are many good arguments that can be made that .30-caliber rifles, no matter their intensity, are not as good for general hunting as a larger-bore rifle. The .338 Remington Ultra Magnum is a .338 caliber rifle cartridge introduced by Remington Arms in 2002. Some shooters love a long rifle with a 24-inch barrel or a short-action one as well. We left the trigger alone for our bench shooting but we’d instantly change it if we owned this rifle and expected to take it afield. So where does that leave our 338 Lapua and 300 Win Mag? Be sure to have the trigger adjusted when you get your Model 70 fitted with a recoil pad, and be sure to adjust the pull length to suit you perfectly when you have the pad installed. The .30-06 is my hiking/still hunting gun. 190gr/3325fps .541 (G1) Cu Mono We find merit in all three, but prefer the Ruger. Magnum cartridges, including 7mm RM, don’t kill animals any deader inside 300 yds than non-magnums like 30-06, 308W, 270W, 280Rem, etc. We wondered at the reasoning that brings only 100 fps extra velocity in this caliber over thoroughly established rounds. The 300 Win Mag has less recoil and a slightly flatter trajectory at normal hunting ranges, but typical 338 Win Mag loads have 10-15% more muzzle energy and about 20% more frontal surface area. in the Remington brand. It looked like a hunting rifle, and was nicely proportioned in all its lines. However, while they all perform extremely well in their intended roles, the differences between them (300 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua vs 338 Win Mag) are very big in certain areas. It might help velocity, but that remained to be seen. Ihave a light .308 BLR, Factory Remington 700 in .35 Whelan and now the Sako m995 in .338 Lapua. If you just want to hunt anything, look no further than 300 win mag. There were no rings. The barrel and action markings were less obviously mashed into the steel than on the Winchester. Do you think that there is really any noticable difference between the two? The 300 Win Mag has not a bid deal unless you begin with your shot as it has more power than other categories. The second (of three) rounds pushed into the magazine had to be forcibly pushed to the rear so the bullet nose would clear the front of the magazine box, or else it was impossible to load the third round. The shared heritage of the .300 Win Mag and .338 Win Mag, as well as the unique roots of the .338 Lapua, is obvious in the photo below. This is much more wonderful than a 168-grain bullet from 30-06 carries at 100 yards only. It’s fixed now! Buy a really solid .338 Win Mag hunting rifle here. It also commonly uses high BC bullets with a much higher sectional density than both other cartridges. The three-position safety was at the right-rear corner of the action, and though it worked to perfection, we once again wished for the long-absent tang safety that used to be one of the Ruger 77’s finer features. They’ll both launch a bullet at 2950 fps. I have been looking for just such an article comparing the 3 cartridges. In addition to having a really long effective range, the cartridge is also (allegedly) capable of penetrating military body armor at ranges in excess of 1,000 yards. The .338 Winchester falls more or less in the middle: it has less recoil and retains less kinetic energy than the .338 Lapua, but more recoil and more kinetic energy at all ranges than the .300 Win Mag. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to create free content that’s useful to hunters like yourself. Winchester offered the cartridges in their legendary Model 70 rifle and marketed each one to a particular segment of the American hunting community: the .264 Win Mag to western hunters wanting a flatter shooting cartridge for thin-skinned game like mule deer or pronghorn, the .338 Win Mag to hunters pursuing really large and/or tough North American game like moose and grizzly bear, and the .458 Win Mag to hunters going afield after dangerous game like cape buffalo in Africa. They’re all very powerful and flat shooting cartridges, but the .338 Lapua is clearly the most powerful of the bunch and has the most resistance to wind drift. This website contains many older reviews. With 300 Winchester Magnum, you’re playing with much cheaper brass, but the belt can be a bit annoying when reloading. The .338 Ultra Mag’s shoulder was essentially as far up the case as the big Weatherby’s shoulder, but because of the belt-diameter body, has greater powder capacity. In fact, this could not make a vast difference when you hunt deer or elk behind the shoulders. John. If you are on this brook, then this is the time to distinguish these and find out some benefits between them. We mounted the scope as far forward as we could get it on all three rifles to keep it off our faces in recoil. Even proven premiums like Nosler Partition and Woodleigh SP can suffer jacket separation when impact is north of 2800 fps or thereabouts. The supposed velocity was given as 2900 fps, not as high as we would have expected. That’s why most .338 Lapua rifles are pretty heavy and incorporate other recoil reducing features like a muzzle brake. We still would not like to shoot it all day from the bench, because the rifle did come back with authority, but it was more comfortable, by far, than the Winchester. It has the same frontal surface area as the .338 Win Mag and both cartridges have about 20% more frontal surface area than the .300 Win Mag. The ammo cost is pretty insane. For many years ago, this brand gratified customers with 6.mm Rem. We work hard to bring the best gun discussion! Offering a dramatic improvement in performance over the venerable .30-06 Springfield that also compared favorably to the 7mm Rem Mag in many areas, the .300 Win Mag was an almost instant commercial success for Winchester and remains one of the most popular big game hunting cartridges in North America to this day. We limited our ammo to two types with the .338 Winchester Mag because a) we could only get one type/weight of .338 Ultra Mag Remington ammo; b) these things kick like billy-be-damned off the bench and we wanted to restrict our punishment; and c) It was about 10 degrees above zero with a breeze blowing when we had to test the rifles, and we didn’t want to be outdoors very long. We suspected loose action screws, found them very slightly loose, tightened them, and got not much better groups. Even so, the .338 Win Mag is not rare by any stretch of the imagination and rifles like the Browning X-Bolt, the Mossberg Patriot, the Ruger American, Guide Gun, and Hawkeye, the Savage 110, the Tikka T3x, as well as the Winchester XPR and the Model 70 are available in both cartridges. That’s outside the 6″ vitals that you should be able to hit every time to make a clean kill. 200gr/3250fps .640 (G1) .328 (G7) Three rounds went easily into the magazine and from there into, and out of, the chamber. In my mind, if you’re shooting magnum loads at animals nearer than 300 yards, the only 3 real choices in bullets are Swift A-Frame, Barnes TSX or TTSX, and Norma Oryx. Are you more sensitive to recoil?

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