1942 dodge truck


Dodge's 1​1⁄2-ton pick-up, offered from the Job-Rated trucks launch in 1939 until the 1942 switch to all-wartime production, consisted of the long-wheelbase one-ton model with 9-foot bed, but on bigger wheels and tires. W-series model name. Wait…$2100 for the truck, $700 for the trailer….$3600 for the truck and trailer together? Some 30 were modified as armored trucks by the French in Syria prior to WWII and known as the Automitrailleuse Dodge 'Tanake. For the World War II Dodge VC-, VF-, WC- and WF-models, see, U.S. military utility vehicles and tactical trucks. Many moons ago while in high school, my buddy used to drive us around in his Rambler and he would go out of his way to drive by one of these in an old dudes yard. 1939-47 Dodge rat pickup truck with 1942 Chevy headlights - you can see the spots on the fenders where the original wide-eyed headlights were positioned Sedan Dodge Sedan [5], Historic author on Dodge trucks, Don Bunn, noted that the 1939 to 1947 Job-Rated trucks represent a very significant segment in Dodge history. Norwegian Return. His comment usually was that he would give his “left nut” for it. [5], After Dodge supplied the U.S. Army with its first four-wheel drive truck in 1934, more modern ​1 1⁄2-tonners were developed, and 1,700 RF-40-X-4(USA) trucks were supplied in 1938, and 292 TF-40-X-4(USA) in 1939. Pictures are property of movie companies owner of the respective movies. Not too many survivors as we’re told.. Number 1 the Power Wagon did not exist till 46 and number 2 the military never used Power Wagons! THIS RARE PICKUP, ONLY 1 LIKE IT , 1942 WAR STARTED , AND ASSEMBLY CANCELED ,AFTER WAR WAS DECLARED.! If it wasn’t for these tools and people we might be speaking German or Japanese right now!!

These trucks don’t go over 45mph and to do a full restoration on this truck to drive in a parade once a year is not something I would want to do!!
Year: ... Top-Rated 2020 Trucks in Quality According to Consumers Top-Rated 2020 Luxury Cars in Quality According to Consumers Top-Rated 2020 Sedans in Quality According to Consumers. Together with the 1941 ​1⁄2-tons, these were built from 1942 until the end of the war as the Dodge WC series military trucks. The 3/4- and 1-ton models kept the 75 HP 218 cubic inch L-head six, either on a 120 in (3.05 m) wheelbase with a 7​1⁄2-foot box, or a 133 in (3.38 m) wheelbase with a 9-foot bed. Anyone figure out or know the lettering? Introduced as the T-Series for the 1939 model year, the line evolved into the V-series for 1940, and W-series for 1941, but the 'W' was retained until the end of sales in 1947. Diesel sales were extremely limited however, counting as many as 75 units sold in 1939, 134 units in 1940, and 195 rigs in 1941.[13]. The K-lettered models were consistently 3-ton rated, but the L-lettered models went against the naming pattern – they were only 2-ton rated. In the light half-ton trucks initially a 201.3 cu.in. For $2,100 – and I’m guessing you could bargain that down pretty easily – there’s a fun project lurking here, and while I wouldn’t spend $700 for the trailer, you could easily have a crowd favorite for less than $4K.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'barnfinds_com-box-4','ezslot_17',135,'0','0'])); What a perfect ride for Memorial Day weekend. All rights reserved. From 1946 instead there were 3-ton WK- and WR-models ranging in wheelbase from 136–196 in (345–498 cm). A three-speed manual was standard issue, while a four-speed with a compound first gear was an option. Also in 1940, Dodge trucks began using sealed-beam headlamps and were equipped with marker lights mounted on the headlamp housing. These tools along with the tanks, guns, boats and planes were what made us free along of coarse with the people that used them!!! Norwegian Return.

Six different payload classes, a wide range of bodies, and more than twenty different wheelbase-lengths were manufactured,[nb 1] and fitted with different sized versions of the Chrysler-sourced inline six-cylinder side-valve engines — from the half-ton TC pickup on a 116-inch wheelbase to three-ton tractor cabs. … For Sale by Classic Car Deals - Cadillac, Michigan, … For Sale by Classic Car Deals - Cadillac, Michigan 6 Cylinder - 4 gear manual -, 1942 Dodge WW2 WC52 Military Truck 4-Wheel Drive, 1942 International Harvester Classic Truck in Sigurd, UT, Original Leadville unit 1942 Mack Fire truck 80% complete, 1942 Dodge WW2 Military Truck Winch Model Off-Frame Restoration. It's worth Original build date 10-16-1942 as confirmed with original build card obtained from Chrysler. A Cummins 12v with accompanying drivetrain maybe if the flathead doesn’t work out but don’t make this into some Sad Sack Special. In May of 1928 Power Wagon magazine already computed a "truly impressive" 1,842 possible configuration combinations, of available models, styles, payload ratings and other options.[8]. I hope the best for vehicles like this especially on this Memorial Day weekend!! This truck is always a favorite at shows and draws attention! The trucks were built with a near standard civilian closed cab – right-hand drive because the British were in command of Burma – but fitted with a flat, military-style grille & brush guard, and wide open, almost flat fenders, to avoid mud build-up clogging the wheels rotating,[22] and otherwise stood out by having a 60-gallon fuel tank. SEATTLE Again rated as ​1⁄2-tonners, they featured a military-specific hood, grille, and fenders. A most unique vehi... To Be OFFERED AT AUCTION WITHOUT RESERVE at RM Sothebys' The Elkhart Collection event, 23 - 24 October 2020. While it’s hard to make out the lettering on the door, there’s little doubt this Power Wagon led a rough and tumble life on a military base or anywhere, really, where a battle-ready truck was needed. The Dodge trucks enjoyed some popularity before the war, and the last of them built in 1942, before Dodge turned to mostly military production, had progressed to the It is such a major dilemma for me as to what to do with it!! This table was compiled based on scanned images of parts books pages, showing model numbers, payload ratings, engine numbers, wheelbase and other information from factory MoPar parts books, covering Dodge and Fargo trucks manufactured from 1939-1977,[29][30][31][32][33][34] complemented with information about Dodge engine & engineering codes from the same website,[1] the Dodge truck wheelbase table on the "Town Wagon '39–'47 site,[2] and various other sources. In the later 1930s, streamlined styling had become a virtual requirement for anything from appliances, cars, boats, planes — even trucks, trains, and architecture.

Whilst it is too expensive for an individual to restore and drive on parades, it would be a great club project. Dodge's half-ton pickups, on a 116 in (2.95 m) wheelbase with a 7​1⁄2-foot box, were changed to the 70 HP 201 cu.in. Really cool truck!!

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