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You could spend all day staring at the beautiful variety marine life at what's known as one of the best snorkeling spots in the world—which is exactly what we did.

All transportation is included.

It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. Oh, one last thing. Just like you and me. Though the cost of lunch isn’t included, you’ll stop at the North Shore’s famous food-truck area and will have your pick of lots of local specialties, all in view of scenic Waimea Bay and Waikiki. Each one has the coordinates of the next swing written underneath—it’s like a little treasure hunt. Your guide will give you a crash course in the area’s history and geology before you head out. Whether on a trip or in our own backyards, here’s to choosing adventure and making memories that last twice as long as the tan lines they give us. On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor’s place in history was etched in stone as the day that Japan attacked America, sparking the country’s declaration of war on the Japanese Empire.

[Map: Ahupua'a and Wind Names of Waialua], The sea wind blows hard,

As if that weren’t enough, there are plenty of hands-on activities if you’d like to try hula dancing, making a lei or playing the ukulele. You'll be overwhelmed, O deaf ali'i, This truly once-in-a-lifetime tour is one of the things to do in Oahu that really shouldn’t be missed. Hinakokea is of Mokule'ia, This tour starts at the Diamond Head Visitor Center and is an official activity of the State of Hawaii’s Historic Pacific Parks, which manages many tourist sites. From the sea, the storm comes sweeping toward shore, Be sure to arrive early—before 9am to be safe—as they limit the number of people allowed in to preserve the embayment. Shot on the GoPro HD Hero camera mounted inside car on the rear view mirror in an IS300. My favorite part of this experience was learning that it takes two years for pineapple to harvest fruit—TWO YEARS. This trail was a bit crowded as far as hikes go, but you just can’t beat the view of Honolulu it offers, or the striking stretch of crystal clear blue waters below.

[Map: Ahupua'a and Wind Names of Wai'anae], The wind of Ka'ena turns in two directions, If a day spent tearing it up on ATVs and hanging from cables hundreds of feet over mountains and forests sounds like a great way to spend some vacation time, then this North Shore tour is for you.

But this past month, I did get to visit Hawaii for the first time! Kakaako is a commercial and retail district in Honolulu where you can find beautiful street murals—and at least one or two people posing for their perfect Instagram shots at all times. Kirsten’s family had snorkel gear we were able to take with us, but they do rent it out if you don’t have your own. A little morning exercise is a great way to set the pace for a fun-filled day in Oahu. This morning whale watching tour from Waikiki has an amazingly high success rate, but if by some stroke of bad luck, the finicky whales don’t show up, you’ll get a free voucher to take the tour again.

This is the one activity we debated whether to spend the money on, but I’m so glad we did—it was unique and ended up being one of my favorites.

I enjoyed starting each morning at the breakfast table with her, chatting over eggs and big bowls of fresh, tropical fruit. The submarine is safe, comfortable and air-conditioned. Limu-li-pu'upu'u comes ashore at Waimanalo, Listen to my life-giving words, If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. This is a great tour to take before a nice dinner or a night on the town.

The relatively shallow waters around Waikiki are like magnets to humpback whales, who come annually to breed, give birth and nurture their young in relative safety.

Waikiki Sunset Doors On Or Doors Off Helicopter Tour: Diamond Head Luau Farm Experience With Dinner & Show: Diamond Head Hiking: Ken Manibo / shutterstock. Your flesh will be without bones, At least, that’s the tendency for me.

Kona is of Pu'uokapolei, Moa'e is of Punalu'u, You'll hear more on Lanikai later on in this post, because it earned its own spot on the list! You’ll get plenty of exercise and are free to go at your own pace. 'Olauniu is of Kapalama,

Fishermen preferred the thigh bone and upper-arm bone for making hooks. The life from the parents will be broken off,(b).

Moving silently at the cape of Ka'ena,

Corpses of fisherman and sailors who drowned in the Kaiwi channel were swept ashore by the currents there and at other spots along the southeast coast of O'ahu, like Hanauma Bay. The wind is for Kaholoakeahole, This guided tour includes a harbor tour aboard a renovated navy boat, from which you’ll see the famous USS Arizona Memorial and visit a few of the most memorable museums to view footage of the attacks and the devastation they caused. This tour fills up quickly, so book in advance to avoid missing out. 'Ao'aoa is of Mamala, If you're planning on visiting North Shore, be sure to stop for fresh pineapple slices at the Dole Plantation—it's on the way! If you’d rather relax with a cool drink and just observe, that’s okay too. Pu'u-ka'ala blows at Ka'ala,

It made me think of all the times I’ve enjoyed this fruit, having no clue as to the time it took to be ready for me. With the pace of today’s world, it’s easy to get pulled into the routine and busyness of our everyday lives to the point where we end up living in a reactive state.

Article 13 Stopping, Standing and Parking : Article 14 Stopping, Standing or Parking Prohibited in Specified Places : Article 15 Stopping for Loading or Unloading Only : Article 16 Stopping, Standing or Parking Restricted or Prohibited on Certain Streets : Article 17 Pedestrians' Rights and Duties [Map: Ahupua'a and Wind Names of Kona], Moa'e-ku is of 'Ewaloa, A first-timer, I was a little nervous to give surfing a try but once I made it up, it was such a rush!

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Turns out all along, all I needed to do was look up—a fitting analogy. Lanakila is of Hau'ula, Go prepared with snacks and lots of water—it’s only about 3-4 hours round trip, but the humidity will take it out of you and beware, as it’s extremely windy up top. The USS Arizona Memorial draws more tourists every year than any other site in Hawaii. I could try to describe how much better everything was down where it’s wetter under da sea (), but I’ll let the beautiful shots captured by Paulphin Photography do the talking. A faith & lifestyle blog devoted to knowing Jesus & making Him known in all things. The clouds rise with a sudden shower, It’s the location from which world-changing events were set in motion that led to a half-decade of war that shaped world history. Kumuma'oma'o is of Kamaile,

Mololani is of Kua'a'ohe, From climbing palm trees to grab coconuts, to fire-twirling, to basket-weaving, to canoe rides, to choreographed tribal dancing, there's so much to see, learn, and do at this Polynesian-themed park. Covering the mountains; 'Ahiu is of Kahana, The most historically important and visited site is the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, which includes numerous attractions and museums highlighting the day in 1941 that made Pearl Harbor a household name overnight. You’ll dive below 100 feet and see some amazing sea life up close as you visit wrecked vessels and even some downed aircraft. Rather than simply going about our routines because we always have, every now and then it’s helpful to stop and step outside those routines so we can examine them—evaluating what’s working, and what’s not. At Makapu'u the winds turn, The Kona winds turn, the Ko'olau winds turn, [Map: Ahupua'a and Wind Names of Ko'olaupoko] The winds will turn before you and find you, You'll be overwhelmed, O deaf ali'i, The winds will gather, The na'ena'e leaves will bend, You'll be swept ashore at Awawamalu,. (deployads = window.deployads || []).push({}); Pearl Harbor, USS Missouri: Benny Marty / shutterstock, Diamond Head, Oahu: Benny Marty / shutterstock, Dole Plantation: Mark Pitt Images / shutterstock, USS Arizona Memorial: pinggr / shutterstock, USS Arizona Memorial: Jeff Whyte / shutterstock, Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbor: 7maru / shutterstock. You may see dolphins and sea turtles too. When Paka'a's enemies arrive at Moloka'i from the Big Island, Kuapaka'a chants the names of all the winds of Hawai'i and tells the chief Keawenuia'umi to come ashore on Moloka'i, because the winds will destroy his fleet of canoes if it continues on to O'ahu. Having done a state report on Hawaii in elementary school and learned so much about Pearl Harbor, it was especially surreal to finally visit in person.

Waikiki Sunset Doors On Or Doors Off Helicopter Tour. This tour doesn’t include food, drinks or transportation; you’re welcome to bring your own mask and snorkel if you have them. The Kona winds turn, the Ko'olau winds turn,

Each of the Kakaako street murals is unique, and every season new layers of paint are added, making them ever-transforming kaleidoscopes of beauty. Wai'oma'o is of Palolo, You'll be swept ashore at Awawamalu,(a). Most visitors don't come to Hawaii when the weather's best in the islands; rather, they come when it's at its worst everywhere else. If there's a better way to spend your final evening in Hawaii than by eating copious amounts of Kalua pork and sipping drinks with fresh pineapple plopped on top while watching dancers hula to the backdrop of a sunset, I'd like to know what it is. This small-group tour is for those who want all the pesky details to be handled by professionals, so they’re free to relax and take in all the magnificent sights and history the area has to offer. 13 THINGS TO DO ON OAHU.

13 Turns in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. I hope you enjoyed hearing about our trip and seeing some of the photos—thanks for taking the time to read! This 20-minute tour will take you soaring over Diamond Head and the darkening ocean, as well as give you beautiful vistas of Waikiki and the North Shore. Ho'e'o is of Moanalua, On the way back, you’ll take a tour of historic Honolulu and see some of the city’s most historically important sites. The wind of Le'ahi turns here and there,

'Olauniu is of Kahaloa,

BLOCKHEAD Recommended for … But there’s actually multiple tree swings across Oahu. There are few places in the world where the sunsets are as majestic as they are in Oahu. Ahamanu is of Kahuku,

Have you been to Hawaii? Our schedules fill up, and the days go by without us giving much thought to how we’re spending them.

Everything is included except tips, food, and drinks, so bring a few dollars with you. [Map: Ahupua'a and Wind Names of Ko'olaupoko], The winds will turn before you and find you, The whirling winds blow, If you follow along on Instagram it should be no surprise I’m acai-obsessed, and this one from Banzai Bowls was quite possibly the best I have ever had (this was another idea inspired by Barefoot Blonde). The black crab, the shearwater will eat your remains, Waikoloa is of Lihu'e,

The tour includes skip-the-line tickets and a pre-tour orientation that’ll get things off on the right foot before you dive into your audio-tour of one of the gems of American history. There was a time when small submarines were the exclusive realm of navy men, treasure hunters and secret agents like Britain’s James Bond.

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